Please take a moment to review this page before plunging into all of this website's content, and the forums. There's alot of material here, and this page is designed to give you a quick orientation to the most important things.


Knight Realms has a staff structure that is comprised of three basic levels of order. The Director, James Kimball, is the preeminent authority on everything, from rules to organization.

Serving under the Director are the Officers and Deputies. Officers and Deputies are entrusted with substantial responsibility at Knight Realms. Although each Officer oversees a specific aspect of the organization, all are capable of handling a broad scope of problems or concerns.

Serving under the Officers are Marshals. Marshals have very specific scopes of responsibility, but can always point you in the direction of the right person for issues outside their domains.

For complete details on the organization of Knight Realms, please visit the "Contact Info" section of the website.

The Forums

The following are some important rules concerning the use of the Knight Realms forums. You will receive a more in depth listing of the forums policies upon creating a user account.

The Rules

The Online Rulebook is a work in progress, and we are aware it is difficult to take it all in!  The Knight Realms Staff is making an effort to simplify the rules and make them easier to understand, remember, and use, by revising some older sections of the rulebook to make it more streamlined.  Still, it is best if you take the time to read it through at least once, and to attempt to look things up before posting online asking about a rules question.  The Table of Contents will help guide you to the right place, and the website has a Search function built into it to help find what you are looking for.

What To Read First?

What follows is a checklist of content on this website that a new member should review when he or she is getting ready to come to a KR event. If you are able to go down this list and answer yes to most or all of them, then you should have an easy time getting in the swing of things at your first event and onward.