What to Expect at Your First Knight Realms Event


  • The game takes place on Camp Sacajawea, at 844 White Lake Road Sparta, NJ.
  • GPS will bring you to the large parking lot; you can park in the large lot or in the limited on-street parking lot in front of the Inn building. Before 10pm on Friday, you can also bring cars onto camp for unpacking, but they must be removed to one of the two parking lots by game start at 10pm.
  • Between Fall and Spring, you are welcome to be on camp on Friday starting in the early evening; in the Summer months, a day camp operates on Camp Sacajawea, and you should look for the Director’s Announcements on the Forums and Facebook page for what time you can arrive on site.
  • Stop at Out of Game Logistics (the first building heading from the parking lot along White Lake Road), where you can sign in, pick your NPC shift, receive your character card, arrange a sleeping space if you have not already done so or do not plan to camp on a tent platform/in your own personal tent, and get the exact timing and location for New Player Training.
  • If you have brought your own boffer or latex weapons, Logistics will have Staff available to clear them for safe play. They cannot be used until they are cleared by a staff member.
  • Around 8:00 - 9:00, a New Player Training will be provided in either the Inn or the Barn, which both front onto White Lake Road. This is a mandatory training which includes important safety elements of our game!
  • Game begins with Opening Announcements around 10:00 pm on Friday, in the Inn, and what is commonly called “Lay On”. Opening Announcements will include safety and rules reminders, as well as any information about the weekend plot, and an attendance raffle.
  • After Lay On, the whole camp is in game with the exception of the Logistics area, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Game Play

  • During the game, everyone takes a 4 hour NPC shift where they help provide content by becoming the “good guys” and “bad guys” (and everything in between) for all the other players to engage with! You select your shift from available options when you sign in to the game. When it’s time for your designated shift, come to Logistics in all black, weather appropriate clothing, with your character card and without any other character equipment or costuming.
  • Breakfast is sold for either in-game gold or real cash in the Inn on Saturday and Sunday morning. Players may elect to sell snacks or small meals as well, and all players are allowed to store their own food in the player food storage fridge in the kitchen (left-most refrigerator when entering from the bar room of the Inn). There is a large feast on Saturday around 6-7pm, which is included in admission to the game. You are also permitted to leave camp for food as long as you are not currently on NPC shift; there is a Quick Check a 5 minute drive away from camp, and other fast food and restaurants are available in the nearby area.
  • Shower and bathroom facilities are available in three locations across camp; please do not use the showers in the Inn between 10am and 9pm to reserve hot water for preparing and cleaning up from Feast.
  • During gameplay, a variety of different content may come up! Some enemies simply attack or threaten anyone they find in the game world, whereas sometimes NPCs come to ask for help or issue a challenge, and players gather to head “somewhere else” in order to engage that content. There may be encounters that require combat, sneaking, puzzle solving, crafting, magic, negotiation—just to name a few options.
  • If you have questions about what to do, how to get involved, or any other questions, look for someone with a pin that says “Marshal” or “Player Rep”; these pins are pewter and slightly larger than a quarter, and worn on the costuming of all game staff whose job is to make sure you’re having a great time!

End of Game

  • Gameplay will run continuously from Lay On at 10pm Friday until 2pm Sunday, when the Director and Assistant Director will call Lay Off at the Inn.
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning up the area they stayed in, and doing one cleaning task for the game as a whole, which the Director and Assistant Director will assign at Lay Off. You will need to get your card signed to indicate you completed both of these tasks.
  • After getting both clean up signatures on your card, leave it at Logistics so you can get credit for the event - and have any new skills you learned added to your card for next game!
  • If you need to leave early, see the Director or Assistant Director to get early cleaning assignments.


  • Game runs year round, rain, sun, or snow; during the winter most buildings have a source of heat, but no central heating. Content continues to run outside regardless of cold or snow, so bring warm clothing and good boots! Unless inclement weather happens during or directly before game, expect roads within camp to be passable for cars.


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