If you are a new player to Knight Realms, all of this can seem overwhelming at first. This page is a guideline on what to expect your first weekend - what to bring and what you may want to do at your first event.

To Play or to NPC?

Unless you are ready to dive in headfirst, you may want to consider playing your first event as a Non-Player Character. This has several advantages:

  • You will get to try several roles, and find out what part of the game you like best (combat, role-playing, spells, intrigue, etc.).

  • You will get to learn the rules first-hand, before you make your character, so that you will know more about how to make it.

  • You will earn extra Build Points that can go towards making your Character.

  • The weekend costs less, saving you some money.

If you feel comfortable making a character for your first event, by all means, please do so! The option to NPC is encouraged for new players so that you don't feel pressured to come into the game without checking it out - "Try before you buy", as it were. Although some people also claim that NPCing and PCing are two totally different ways to enjoy the game and some prefer one strongly over the other.

Also, keep in mind that EVERYONE must NPC for at least 4 hours each event - even the full-time PCs. You will want to sign up for a NPC slot when you arrive (see below).

What to Bring?

This is always a big question for the first time player. At a minimum, you will want to bring:

  • Clothes for being outdoors and active. It's probably going to get dirty, muddy, beat up, and sweated in by the end of the weekend. Make sure you can move in it, and that you are comfortable for long periods of time.  Also, please remember to bring something appropriate for atmosphere - plain black clothes are good for NPCing, or for under your costume.  Try to avoid clothing with logos or images on it.

  • Clothes for the weather. Look at a weather forecast (There is a link on the left, under "Resources" for weather at our camp sites), and then plan for worst. It's not uncommon for the weather to go from steaming hot in the afternoon to freezing cold in the middle of the night. Be prepared for both. Rain is also a factor - be prepared for a surprise summer shower or thunderstorm. In general, you won't have much selection when it comes to the materials that costume clothing is made out of. But as much as possible, look for clothes that wick moisture away from the body. Wool and polyester are both good materials for managing moisture. For more information on proper clothing and camping gear selection, and for detailed advice on how to handle any kind of weather situation, check the Logistics link (to the left) on this web site.

  • Bedding. A sleeping bag and pad are highly recommended. Not all sites have beds with padding or mattresses - some just have wooden bunks, or no bunks at all. Make sure your sleeping bag is able to handle the weather conditions.

  • Money. Make sure you have enough to play and to cover any additional expenses such as food, fuel, and possibly a rulebook. A list of costs for the game can be found in the Prices (Fees) page of this web site. If this is your first game, you can pay the less expensive Pre-Registration fee at the door.

  • Food. A feast is served to the town on Saturday night, covered by the cost of playing for the weekend. Food is occasionally available at other times at the Inn. The availability of food at the Inn varies from event to event, depending on who is present. There may be an out-of-game charge to cover expenses. You are welcome to bring your own food, but keep in mind that you will be at a campsite, and modern, out-of-game food preparation is discouraged (portable electric stoves, coffee makers, etc.). If you can keep the food in-game, please do. Breads, fruits, beef jerky, etc. are all good examples of foods that require minimal preparation and blend well with the atmosphere of the game. Also, you can usually go into town nearby to get food at a diner or such, if you wish to eat out.

  • Drink. Water is essential. Tap water at some campsites may be suitable for washing, but not potable drinking water. Drawing water from a natural source (a creek or pond, for example) should not be attempted without a proper filtration system. Basically, bring plenty of water with you. A human generally needs to consume a liter of water per day to remain healthy. If you plan on being active, you will need to drink far more than a liter. In addition, during cold weather, you will need to increase your water intake, regardless of your activity level. Soda may taste good, but very few soft drinks re-hydrate you, as most of them contain caffeine. With all drinks, please keep "modern" containers discretely tucked away so as not to ruin the atmosphere of the game. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited at Knight Realms events.

  • Flashlight or other light source. Flashlights are very handy when you first show up to a strange campsite at night, and are trying to unpack. They can be used in-game as a torch or candle, provided they have some sort of cellophane to color them. Red and yellow glow sticks also work well as in-game light sources.

  • A change of street clothes. When you prepare to go home at the end of an event, or out into town for food, a set of clean, dry street clothes is always nice to have.

  • Safety items. Bug spray, suntan lotion, allergy medicine, or other medical needs are a must. Few things are worse than being an hour or two from civilization, and then being eaten by bugs and getting a sun burn. For convenience, you may want to look into bug & sun lotions that cover both products in one. Personal First Aid kits are a good idea, just in case, but a comprehensive First Aid kit is always available on-site. If you have a medical condition, make sure someone on staff as well as your friends are aware of this, and that you bring any medicine or supplies that you need in sufficient quantity for the weekend.

What to do before you arrive

  • Send an email to the New Player Officer at to let him know you are coming. Tell him if you know someone there, and / or will be traveling and staying with a group.

  • You may want to bring a donation for the game - while this is not required, it is greatly appreciated, and can earn you Service Points which you can use to improve your character when you make it. For a list of currently needed donations, check out the Donations page of this web site.

  • Plan your travel route ahead of time. Check the Calendar page of this web site to see where the event is this month, and from there you can follow the link to get directions to the site.

  • Make sure someone knows where you are, and how to get a hold of you. While we don't encourage a cell phone as a regular part of your character's costume, keeping one hidden in a pouch or in your car or cabin is a good idea in case of an emergency.

  • Check out the Rulebook. While it's not necessary that you be a rules expert, if you have a grasp of how the game works, you can get to enjoy it that much sooner.

  • Make sure you read and understand the Knight Realms Policy document on our website.

When you arrive

  • Show up. Don't unpack your car yet!  New Player Training begins at 8:00 pm in the Inn (The main building on the site), but you may want to arrive earlier to look around, stretch out, and meet people.

  • Check in with Logistics. Tell them you are a new player. Pay any fee for the event, and get your card and / or personal paperwork for the event. If you have any medical needs or such, make sure someone on staff knows about them.

  • Sign up for an NPC slot. Everyone must NPC for at least one 4-hour slot; you are welcome (and encouraged) to do more if you want.

  • Determine where you will be sleeping. If you are staying with a friend, have him or her show you around the site and to your place.

  • Unpack any gear you need for the weekend. If it is Out-Of-Game stuff (soda, a cooler, etc.), store it in a hidden place - under a bunk is recommended. Anything left out is considered In-Game, and may be interacted with by characters and NPCs. Please leave any valuables locked in your car (but not your car keys!).

  • Park your car away from the site, in the designated area.

  • At about 8:00 pm, there will be New Player Training. Make sure you attend this, so you know the basic game rules, safety rules, and other important information. Feel free to ask any questions you have.  It's usually a good idea to show up in costume, with all of your gear (armor & weapons) to be checked out.

  • Go to the Opening Ceremonies (usually right after New Player Training), and be prepared to play.

  • Game On!


When it's time to go home, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The game typically runs until mid-afternoon, weather permitting (We've had to call a few events short due to incoming snow storms or such).  There is no set time to depart, but most people are off the site and headed home by 4:00.
  • Before you leave the site, you must do the following:
    1. Clean up your sleeping area
    2. Clean up your Camp Assignment
    3. Turn in your Character Card at Logistics
  • The two clean-up assignments have sign-off slots on your card, and are required or you do not get credit (Build) for the event.  There is a game-wide Hold at about Noon on Sunday in which these cleanups take place.
  • Please remember that someone owns everything at KR, including the site itself!  Leave it in good condition, and treat it with respect, and we'll have a good site to return to next month!


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