If you are a new player to Knight Realms, all of this can seem overwhelming at first. This page is a guideline on what to expect your first weekend - what to bring and what you may want to do at your first event.

To Play or to NPC?

Unless you are ready to dive in headfirst, you may want to consider playing your first event as a Non-Player Character. This has several advantages:

If you feel comfortable making a character for your first event, by all means, please do so! The option to NPC is encouraged for new players so that you don't feel pressured to come into the game without checking it out - "Try before you buy", as it were. Although some people also claim that NPCing and PCing are two totally different ways to enjoy the game and some prefer one strongly over the other.

Also, keep in mind that EVERYONE must NPC for at least 4 hours each event - even the full-time PCs. You will want to sign up for a NPC slot when you arrive (see below).

What to Bring?

This is always a big question for the first time player. At a minimum, you will want to bring:

What to do before you arrive

When you arrive


When it's time to go home, there are a few things to keep in mind: