As you can see, the Knight Realms community has a wonderful selection of photos and icons, so you can quickly tell who's who at the game.  This is a brief description on how to add your own picture and icons to the site.

Forums Icons (a.k.a. "Avatars")

If you do not have an icon, or have one and would like a new one, please send an email to the webmaster, and he will make you one if he has a picture available. If you are proficient with computer graphics, you are welcome to make your own and mail it in, and it will be added to the library (assuming it meets the standards for the site). An Icon should be 100 x 100 in size, and should be a recognizable shot of your head or face, preferably in costume. The idea is that we should know who is posting, so that everyone in the community knows everyone else.

Because of problems in the past with allowing people to upload their own Icons, players can only choose their icons from a library that is set up by the webmaster. Go to the Forums and click on the "Profile" link at the top, and then on "Forum Profile Information," and you will be able to choose your own Icon. To be clear: You may only choose an Avatar that is a picture of you. You may not use a picture of someone else as your Avatar!

The Citizen's Gallery

The Citizen's Gallery, contained in the main Gallery, works similarly. The webmaster will try to add new pictures as he spots them in the monthly photos, but in the event he misses one, or you see a new picture you would prefer to represent you, please send him an email and he will update the picture for you.  Remember that there has to be a picture of you to post before it can be posted!  If you are looking to have a picture taken at an event, there will usually be someone out with a camera and a white headband during daylight hours; you can quietly take them aside and ask them to take a picture of you for the gallery.

In-Game Sigils for the Forum

Certain characters in the game hold positions of nobility or office that grant them permission to add a seal or "Sigil" to their writings.  If you hold one of these offices, please go to the Sigils & Seals part of the website to find out how to add one to your forums signature.


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