Live Action Role Playing, or LARP for short, has been around for a long time in one form or another. In short, it's playing a game where you pretend to be someone else, and instead of saying "I do this" or moving pieces on a board, you actually get up and DO what your persona would do.

If you've ever seen or been to a Murder Mystery dinner, that is one form of LARP - you get to play a person present at the crime scene, such as the detective, a witness, or maybe even the killer! Children playing "Cops and Robbers" (or even "House") is another - they are pretending to be someone else, and acting out the part.

In a game like Knight Realms, there's a bit more structure than children saying "Bang Bang!" "You missed!". There's a set of rules that help you interact with other people and resolve conflict (combat) safely, and enabling players to do heroic things like slay monsters and cast spells, that aren't possible in real life, safely or otherwise.

Knight Realms is a "Boffer" LARP - it uses padded weapons to touch other people, and resolve combat. Where other games might use dice, playing cards, or Rock / Paper / Scissors to resolve combat, this style of game goes for physical interaction, almost like a sport. Some level of real-world (also called "Out Of Game" or "OOG") skill does carry into the game - instead of just saying "I hit you," you must actually tag the person with your padded weapon (And they will often block and defend themselves, adding to the sport element and excitement of the game).

The other factor that adds to the Role Playing experience is the costumes, makeup, and set dressing around you. It's one thing for someone to say "I am a goblin, I am green and have a long, crooked nose." It's another to actually SEE someone coming through the woods with green skin and said nose, without having to stop and tell you what they look like. The more attention people put into their costuming, acting, and environment, the less their mind focuses on hiding OOG elements and the more they can enjoy the immersion into the game world.

LARP goes beyond just Knight Realms, and is an international phenomenon. It is an art form unto itself, sharing many aspects with theater and plays, storytelling, and self-expression. Much like a good TV series, it draws you in and makes you both feel and think about the subject it is presenting, and how you relate to it. We encourage you to enjoy the ride, and have fun with the rest of the Knight Realms community!


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