All members of Knight Realms must follow these “General Game Polices."

Knight Realms Legal Release Form


Bringing an issue to our attention within a reasonable time frame

There are many policy issues that must be followed and enforced. Generally we like to think that our members would not break these policies, however if at any time you are a witness to such an act, we ask that you bring any incident to our attention immediately after witnessing it. In failing to do so, the task of acting on that issue becomes monumentally difficult. We can't operate on "He said, she said" a week after the fact when some of the parties may not be reachable, and the details have been given time to have gotten fuzzy. We will always seek to uphold these policies; however due to the nature of difficulty in getting to the truth, after too much time has elapsed, we reserve the right not to investigate a situation if something isn't reported expediently.

Rules Misuse, General

Any misuse of the rules that is judged by a Rules Marshal to be egregious or beyond repair - for example, using a spell to do something outside the rule given for it, and without express permission to do so - can be punished with a Rules Violation.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Excessively arguing with a Rules Marshal, failing to cooperate with Knight Realms staff, hurling epithets at other players (OOG), and other forms of personally abusive conduct that breach the spirit of sportsmanship at the game can be punished with a Rules Violation.

Falsely Representing Authority

Claiming to hold a position of authority at Knight Realms that you do not possess will be punished with a Rules Violation, which will begin at a 9 build deduction and follow the normal progression thereafter. In addition, if the claim is accompanied by an attempt to induce other players to follow your command or ruling, you will be suspended from the game for a minimum of three months.

Younger Players

Players between the age of 10 and 13 may attend if they are first cleared by the Director and also under the care of a legal guardian at all times who has assumed all responsibilities for the child. Players between the age of 10 and 13 may only play non-combative roles and must be considered combat inactive. Players under the age of 10 are only allowed on the premises after being pre-cleared by the Director.

Character Naming

A player may not take the name of an established fictional character, or real world celebrity. At any time the Director or Atmosphere Officer can disapprove the use of a name based on this policy. (i.e. - You can't take "Raistlin Majere" or "Ted Nugent" as your PC's name).

Skill/Stats Violation

If you call or use a skill, spell, or other granted ability that you do not have recorded on your card, or if you grossly overspend body, armor, or career points or under-calculate the damage you have taken in combat, you will receive a Rules Violation.

Card Violation

Anytime that an appropriate NPC or PC card cannot be provided by a player as proof of skills or abilities with respect to a possible Skill/Stats Violation, the player will be given a Rules Violation and he or she will be required to leave the scene and return to either logistics (for NPCs) or the location of his or her character card (for PCs). Any outcomes that the offender may have produced while in violation will be reversed. This violation will be in addition to the Skills/Stats Violation, which will be automatic in the event that the player cannot produce a card as proof.

Headband Violation

Placing your hand or a prop over your head may only be used to indicate one of two conditions – that you are OOG or that you are dead. Any player that attempts to use any skill, spell, or other ability without the appropriate colored headband – either by using the wrong color or by using his or her hand or prop over his or her head - will receive a Rules Violation.

NPC Duty (4 Hour Shift)

Every Knight Realms player has an obligation to fulfill a four-hour NPC time shift. This NPC duty must be fulfilled regardless of what other tasks are performed in between the events or at a weekend event. There are a few exceptions to this rule - members of staff, for example - but anyone not given a specific exemption has an obligation to perform a four-hour NPC shift. Failure to do so will result in a Rules Violation and the inability to learn new skills for your character(s) for that month.

You are expected to arrive at Logistics on time and be ready to accept NPC roles immediately. If you are more than ten minutes late to your NPC shift you will be assessed a Rules Violation for failure to NPC

This Rules Violation will be placed on your card in-between events if your card has not been signed by a Marshal as verification that you fulfilled a slot.

Clean-Up Assignment

Every Knight Realms player has an obligation to clean up his or her sleeping area at the end of an event as well as clean up a general use area assigned by the Director. After fulfilling this obligation, you must have your card signed off in the appropriate places before handing your card in. Only the Director or a Rules Marshal can sign off for clean-up duty, and they will only do so after inspecting your assignment. Failure to complete a clean up assignment will result in a Rules Violation and the in-ability to learn new skills for that month. This Rules Violation will be placed on your card in-between events.

Combat Violation, Physical

If you inappropriately strike someone with excessive force or violate our fighting rules in some fashion that causes someone to file an official grievance, you will receive a Rules Violation. Additional offenses will also result in the suspension of combat privileges for a duration determined by the severity of the problem.

Role-Playing Violation

If you disrupt the IG atmosphere through blatant OOG discussion or behavior you will receive a Rules Violation. A Role-Playing Marshal has the ability to hand out a Rules Violation for this particular offense, in addition to a Rules Marshal or the Director.

Wildlife Encounters

Wildlife encounters are frequent at Knight Realms events, and while the vast majority of such encounters are benign, there are animals that can be potentially dangerous that venture into the campgrounds we use. If at any time you are uncertain about whether a sound you hear in the woods is a KR player or a wild animal, you may call a hold and simply ask "Are you a wild animal?" or a question to that effect. If you are the subject of such a question, you must respond immediately and in an intelligible manner. Failure to respond to a wildlife inquiry will result in a Rules Violation. Repeated violations of this policy may result in a suspension from the game, at the Director's discretion.

Wildlife Safety

A) In order to avoid drawing the attention of bears, coyotes, or other potentially dangerous animals, you should never leave open food in a cabin. All food must be kept in its orginally sealed packaging. We highly suggest taking all food-related garbage to the Inn building or to the dumpsters for disposal. Animals have very keen senses of smell and will detect the scent of food even when you cannot. Failure to comply will result in a Rules Violation.

B) In the event that you observe a bear anywhere in the campground, you must report the sighting to a staff member as soon after the encounter as is practicable. In other words, don't ignore the above advice and go running to tell one of us, lest you incite the bear. Take your time to remove yourself from the encounter safely, and then report the encounter. Failure to make a report will result in a Rules Violation.

Fire Safety

A) Fires are only permitted in fireplaces or established fire rings. If conditions have forced the campground to declare a fire ban, you will be informed at opening ceremonies. If you arrive to an event after opening ceremonies and intend to have an open fire, it is your obligation to ask a staff member (and not anyone else) whether a fire ban is in effect or not. Failure to comply with a fire ban will result in a Rules Violation and a one to three month suspension from the game.

B) Use of candles & open flames inside of buildings is prohibited. You may use candles on a porch or outside a building as long as they are safely contained. Tiki torches may be used outside but should be a minimum of five feet away from structures and five feet away from any hanging branches.

Photograph & Promotional Policy

Players that attend Knight Realms may have their photograph taken during the course of events (IG or OOG) or may be filmed. Knight Realms reserves the right to use these materials for public and promotional purposes, on the official Knight Realms website, in social media, and in printed media. If you do not wish your image to be used in such fashion, you must notify the Director in writing. A reasonable effort will be made by Knight Realms to avoid use after such notification.


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