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Your profile is visible to the public, and as such should not contain any objectionable or inappropriate material in any of its fields - including but not limited to your User ID, real name, PC name, and signature. Knight Realms reserves the right to refuse an account, or to ban an existing account, where the user refuses to maintain a profile free of objectionable material.

Signing Posts

All posts must be signed with your real name. The website has a field for your account where you can enter your name; this is an acceptable means of signing your posts. You may choose to enter just your first name, if you wish, for privacy. Knight Realms reserves the right to refuse an account, or to ban an existing account, where the user refuses to comply with providing a reasonable name.


You may only use an Avatar that is from a photo of yourself. Using random images or pictures of anyone other than yourself is not permitted.  If you need an Avatar created, please contact the Techincal Officer.  You may reference a photo on the Knight Relams website, or submit one of yourself if you wish.  Players are strongly encouraged to have a photo taken of themselves at an event, in full makeup and / or costume, but this is not required.

Inappropriate Posting

If you make an inappropriate post on the In-Game or Out-Of-Game forums, it will immediately be removed and you will be notified by private message. A 1st offense will result in a stern warning. A 2nd offense will result in a Rules Violation. A 3rd offense may result in losing posting privileges on the forums.

Answering Posts

Posted questions regarding game operations, including rules and policy questions, should only be answered by a member of staff or an appropriate Marshal. In the interest of disseminating only accurate information regarding the game rules and policies, Knight Realms reserves the right to remove posts which respond to these questions improperly - without notification to the user - and to suspend or ban a user's posting privileges in the event of repeated abuses.

Posting In-Game

You may not post In-Game (On the "Dragon's Claw Inn" forum) as your PC until the PC has been played at a full-weekend or one-day Knight Realms game event - and then only if he or she has the skill "Literacy." You may not post In-Game as an NPC without the express permission of the Director. Knight Realms is a game that focuses on live interaction; the In-Game forum exists to support the live game, not to replace or supercede it.

NPC Posting

Anytime that you wish to post as an NPC on the In Game forum, you must first get approval from the Director. If you do not secure permission to post as an NPC before posting, the post will be immediately removed. Any further offense will result in a Rules Violation.

Meta-game Posting

Anytime that you make an IG post that contains information that your character would not have known your post will immediately be removed followed by an announcement that the post was never made IG and cannot be reacted to. You will also receive a Rules Violation.


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