Combat at Knight Realms is a privilege, and not a right. Those who are unsafe in combat will receive the following:

  • First Offense – a written warning
  • Second Offense – a three-month suspension of combat privileges
  • Third Offense – a one-year suspension of combat privileges
  • Fourth Offense – combat privileges at Knight Realms permanently revoked

The Director reserves the right to warrant an offense so severe that it will skip one or more of the earlier stages, so that an especially dangerous first offense can be ruled to be on a level with the second, third, or even fourth offense.

An “offense” is either a substantiated complaint by another player, or an act of unsafe conduct so egregious that a Rules Marshal deems it necessary to intervene without being asked. If a player is doing something unsage but hasn’t hurt anyone else or taken any action that had a high risk of hurting someone else, the incident can be concluded without a formal offense if the player desists.

Combat privileges are defined as participating in melee or missile combat, but not including the casting of spells through the use of spell packets.

A player who has combat privileges suspended or revoked, or who is Non-Combat for other reasons, must wear a green headband to signify his/her status. The character can still be attacked, but the attacker must not strike the player. Instead, the attack must approach to within melee striking range, or a reasonable missile range (approximately 20 feet for bows and crossbows, 10 feet for thrown weapons) and then call damage (or skills). Each strike that is called automatically lands. Note that these attacks cannot be rattled off rapid-fire, but must be delivered at a cadence that is reasonable to the type of attack being used. The Non-Combat player cannot hold weapons in his/her hands, but can wear them at his/her side. If the Non-Combat player is in contact with a weapon, he/she can call defensive skills that are dependant on having a weapon in-hand.  A Non-Combat Character may take no offensive actions, or perform any attacks that target another character. A Non-Combat character is expected to, and responsible for, removing themselves from any combat situation and moving themselves to an OOG safe location.


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