Smoking is permitted for adults over the legal smoking age. Smoking must be done outside of buildings. If you look young but are old enough to smoke, carry your ID on you, because you might be asked to produce proof of your age. If a Rules Marshal asks to see ID as proof of age and you cannot provide one you will be asked to stop smoking immediately and your age will need to be proven quickly afterwards to resolve the matter. Any smoker who discards his or her cigarette butts inappropriately on the ground will receive a Rules Violation.  Underage smoking will not be tolerated. Any youth player who is found smoking will be given a Rules Violation and his or her parents will be notified.

Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited at Knight Realms. Anyone found with alcoholic beverages or found to be intoxicated at an event will receive a Rules Violation and be suspended for a minimum of three months.  Further offenses will result in a minimum of a six-month suspension or indefinite expulsion from the game.

The possession or use of illegal drugs will result in the player being immediately removed from the campsite. The offender will be indefinitely expelled from the game and the proper authorities will be notified of the situation.

While there is no particular dress code for Knight Realms, all players are expected to wear clothes and costuming that are publicly decent. Do not dress in a manner that is overly revealing or provocative. If you do so, a Rules Marshal can insist that you change into different clothing or costuming. Failure to comply will result in a Rules Violation. Additionally, you may be asked to leave the campsite for continuing to violate this policy.

Out of Game Violence
Absolutely no real life violence is permitted at Knight Realms regardless of age or staff position. Anyone expressing real life physical, and in some cases verbal, violence will be immediately removed from the campsite and may be suspended between three months or indefinitely depending upon the severity of the offense.

Age Appropriate Behavior
Knight Realms is a family game, with players 14 and older able to attend without a parent supervising them.  Because of this, all players are expected to act and role-play in a behavior appropriate for such age groups.

General Inappropriate Behavior
Knight Realms reserves the right to punish - either by a Rules Violation or suspension or expulsion from the game – any personal conduct that is inappropriate in the eyes of the Director.


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