What is a Rules Violation?

A Rules Violation is a demerit given out to a player who has made an infraction against the rules and or policies of Knight Realms.

Who can give out Rules Violations?

The Director or any Rules Marshal can serve a Rules Violation. These individuals have both a responsibility and an obligation to be conscious of the Knight Realms rules and policies and to act on them.

What happens when I receive a Rules Violation?

For most rules and policies, the first time that you are given a Rules Violation you will be given a warning. The marshal will note "Rules Warning : x, x/x" on your character card, where "x" will be the rule or policy that you violated and x/x" will be the date that the warning was issued. A warning will be purged from your card after 5 years.

Each additional time that you violate a rule or policy, the date of the warning will be updated to current and you will be given a build deduction and possibly further sanction (if proscribed by the rule or policy violated). Rules violations after the first warning are not isolated by category but are accumulated generally. Thus, no matter what rule or policy you violated, the marshal will note "Rules Violation - x build" on your character card. The amount of build deducted begins with 3 and increases by a multiple of 3 for each subsequent violation that you receive.

If you are assessed a build penalty that exceeds the amount of unspent build available to your character, the Character Card Officer will remove skills until the penalty has been fulfilled; skills will be removed in whatever manner that the Character Card Officer sees fit, with the general goal of creating the least amount of work for him/herself. Skills thus subtracted will be listed in the notes section of your card for your reference.

For example, if you have been caught missing NPC duty twice, camp cleanup twice, and misusing skills once, your character card will have the following notes:

Rules Warning : NPC Duty (3/2012), Camp Cleanup (1/2012), Misuse of Skills (3/2011)
Rules Violation x2 -12 build.

Your first infractions were all recorded as warnings and your second NPC and cleanup infractions were cumulative since category is irrelevant after the warning. The total deduction of -12 build reflects that you were penalized -3 build for the first violation and -9 for the second. If you were to break any of the rules that you had been warned about again - for example, if you skipped NPC duty again - the penalty for that would be -27 build. When your character was next updated, the new violation would be summarized on that line as "Rules Violation x3 -39 build" for the total amount of penalties that you have received.

Breaking some policies will result in far more dire consequences than Rules Violations.  When some policies are broken even for the first time, you may be suspended from the game for many months or even permanently. Please read the policies carefully so that you understand them completely.

What if I break a policy and wasn’t aware of this document?

Whether or not you have read the Knight Realms policies, you are still required to follow them.  Ignorance of the policies will not be accepted as an excuse to be given leniency.


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