Knight Realms is a community, both In-Game and Out-Of-Game, and also involves a lot of good in the forms of props, garb, food, physical representaitons (Phys-Reps), and so on.  Because of this, people selling good Out-Of-Game at an event is only natural, and if done right, can add to the atmosphere of the game, especially at the Market Faire, which is held at noon on the Saturday of each event.

The following rules apply to anyone who wants to sell Out-Of-Game goods at Knight Realms, wether they be a regular PC selling some home made props, or a professional business with a large collection of goods for sale.

  • A vendor is welcome to attend and sell their wares, as long as they do not disrupt the game.  To this end, a vendor may choose to PC as normal, or choose to NPC, paying the appropriate fee at registration to the Director, and should dress appropriately (in costume for the game).  NPCs will be assigned a basic Commoner NPC card to use while In-Game (4 Body human, Trade: Merchant, Small Weapon or 1HE/B or Staff).  Vendors are welcome to attend the feast, along with the players.
  • The vendor, and any help, must attempt to be In-Game as much as possible, and at all times when interacting with other players, including sales.
  • Out-Of-Game items and transportation should be kept to a minimum, disguised, or out of sight, to prevent disrupting atmosphere.  (i.e. - please keep your cell phone, cash box, or credit card machine discrete.  If you need to unload a vehicle, please do so quickly and remove it from the area.)
  • A vendor may have one table in the Inn to use during Market Fair, along with any racks or additional displays they provide themselves, within reason.  Any displays and wares should be removed from the Inn no later than 5:00 PM on Saturday, to allow for the feast to be set up.  A cabin or self-provided structure may be set up outside the Inn if the merchant wishes, in accordance with the normal cleanup rules for the game (i.e. - Cleaning up your own space when you are done).
  • Vendors are responsible for their own security, safety, and transporting of goods.  While you can ask someone to watch your wares for you while you step away, or to help carry items to your table, Knight Realms holds no responsibility for your belongings, personal or otherwise.
  • Wares sold are Out-Of-Game only, unless the vendor is also playing a PC, in which case the normal rules for selling items IG should be followed.
  • Wares sold by vendors should be in accordance with the policies of Knight Realms, and the general theme and atmosphere (i.e. - Fantasy art is fine, Harley / Biker gear is not, nor is adult artwork or live weapons).

Vendors who fail to comply with these guidelines, or who are excessively disruptive to the atmosphere of the game, may be removed, or asked not to return, by the Director.

Rules for Selling Goods at Knight Realms

One of the main components of the Baronial Feast weekend is the Market Faire, when a collection of merchants and craftsmen sell their wares to the public.  Some of their goods are In-Game items - smiths sell weapons, alchemists sell their potions, and other characters sell goods and services represented by Commodity Cards, as covered under Trade Skills in the rulebook.  However, Out-of-Game goods – e.g., food, costuming, phys-reps for weapons, armor and shields, jewelry - are often for sale as well.

The variety of goods available and the atmosphere it creates are a wonderful addition to each Saturday of a KR event, but there is a potential problem when mixing the sale of OOG and IG goods. Specifically, when OOG goods are sold for IG money, we run two significant risks. First, such practices can imbalance the game by allowing players with deep pockets to generate wealth for their PCs in a way that other players cannot. Second, selling goods bought exclusively with OOG money for IG money can cause runaway inflation in the IG economy.

Therefore, the following rules will govern the sale of goods – at the Market Faire or in any game capacity – at Knight Realms:

  1. OOG goods of any value can be sold during game-play at Knight Realms, so long as they are appropriate to the setting of the game; the Director has final approval on what goods are acceptable for sale.
  2. OOG goods that are worth less than $10 each can be sold for OOG or IG money; the transaction must be entirely for one or the other.
  3. OOG goods that are worth more than $10 each can only be sold for OOG money.
  4. IG goods can only be sold for IG money.
  5. If your character possesses IG items for which your OOG goods could be used as phys-reps, you can sell them together for the purpose of enhancing role-play. The IG item should be sold for IG money, while the OOG good must be sold adhering to the rules above.


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