These documents are indended to be used either printed, or on Tablet, iPad, Kindle, etc. as well as your computer. You are encouraged to keep current copy on your electronic devices, as long as the device is either hidden, coverd in an IG cover, or kept in an OOG areduring the event. Printed versions should also be kept in IG bindings, but please bear in mind frequent updates are common, and your printout may become rapidly outdated.

Updates to the rulebook may happen between events - please keep an eye on the Forums for more informaiton. current, updated version of the Rulebook will be uploaded the weekend before each month's event, if any changes are made - the publication date of the rulebook will be on each page, as well as the title page.

The Master and Heroic Lists are not in the Rulebook at this time - they will be included in a (new version) of the Advanced Rulebook, as soon as text cleanup and editing is completed, and the document laid out for publishing. For now, please reference the forums for all rules regarding the Master and Heroic Lists.

An ePub version of the Rulebook may become available in the future, if conversion process that can convert it easily without sacrificing the quality of the product can be found.

The Knight Realms Rulebook is maintainted by the Rules Officer - if you find any errors, please post on our forums, or send him an email at:

We HIGHLY recommend to New Players that they read over the information in both "New Players" (At the top, on the left had side of the website) to get quick primer about the game, and "The Baronial Library" (under In Game, to the left on the menu) to get feel for the game world of Knight Realms.

Knight Realms - Core Rulebook (OLD VERSION)

This document is the official Rulebook for the Knight Realms game.

Minor changes (spelling & grammar fixes, formatting issues, etc.) may be introduced between editions of this document. No rules changes will be made in this document between editions, or without being announced on the official Knight Realms forums. All versions of this document will be marked with a publish date – in the event of a conflict between editions, the most recent version takes precedence.

Knight Realms Core Rulebook 2.0

Download (1.31 MB)

Knight Realms Core Rulebook 2.0.pdf


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