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A LARP for the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Tri-State Area


Who will you be?

Knight Realms is a Live Action Role-Playing Game (also known as a "LARP") that involves both action (live mock combat, using padded "boffer" weapons) and atmosphere (acting focusing on drama, personal interactions, and other social activity).  We are based at our own land in Sparta, New Jersey, with a player base that extends into the New York and Pennsylvania areas, and around the world.

Epilogue for March 2015

Sitting upon an obsidian throne, shadows swirling and lightning crashing all around; a nefarious grin crept across Malyc’s face. He chuckled at Travance squirming from the mayhem he had sewn. The Soul Guardian was drawn out into the trap, but the ants managed to save Shamis before the corruption was complete. It did not matter that he failed to see his scheme prove successful; the real prize had finally revealed himself. Gamaliel had shown himself to one of the mortals and so the hunt will soon to begin. It would only be a matter of time before the last true Guardian called out to the mortal once more, and when that time came, the lord of the dark pantheon would claim him.

The Spirit Realm felt the full brunt of Malyc’s will. Though Travance was successful in saving the Soul Guardian and several of the plagued healers, others across the world were not so fortunate. The miasma of the realm turned stale with the return of many new Harvestors. After the destruction Pesmerga, Malyc had finally reclaimed much territory he once held in his fist. Perhaps Travance itself was safe for now, but with new knowledge about the Obelisk of Spirits, that too would fall in time...

*     *     *     *     *

A soft wind danced across the land with calm warmth, bringing a feeling of refreshment from the harsh frozen winter. The Heroes of Travance would have a moment of respite from the dark god’s assault. It would be a welcome breath of fresh air in the material realm for however long it would last. Others wouldn’t be so fortunate as Malyc turned his eye beyond Travance to less willful and arrogant people. A sinister breath rolled from his vile tongue, “...If their wills will not bend, perhaps their loved ones will not be as strong …”

What's Inside

Knight Realms is the main menu for information. Here you can find details for New Players, more about the staff, and the logistical workings of Knight Realms. We give you the rundown on the organization from what it is to how to be a part of it, and everything you need for your first event. If you are a visitor to this site, this section will tell you what we are all about. Parents or guardians of Knight Realms youth members can find information in here as well.

Game Play is more about the game, and what goes into playing it - Role-Playing (Acting), Props (Weapons and Armor), and other useful information about what makes the game so much fun. The Rulebook (also in the upper right hand corner) is always available for information about how the game itself is played.

Community is where you can find the Photo Gallery, filled with event photos, movies, fan art and more. You can also access the official Forums where the Knight Realms community discusses a myriad of important and fun topics. In the Forums new members can ask questions and generic announcements are made here as well.

In-Game is where you can study up on the world of Arawyn, the fictional realm which serves as the back-drop for the adventure and drama of Knight Realms. The Baron's Manor contains the laws and structure of the Barony in which the game is set, while The Baronial Library is an archive of knowledge about the world of Arawyn - with the last of your guttering candle flame, delve into the laws, maps, people, and cultures, which color it all.

Resources contains downloads, the feedback form, as well as links to websites of interest to the Knight Realms community.

Finally, be sure to look around and have fun! Enjoy your stay!

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