KR Policies

KR Rules Warnings

(Verbal & Written)


A Knight Realms verbal warning can be given by a Marshal or Officer. A verbal warning is issued if the staff member believes that some minor type of infraction was made, even sometimes if the infraction appears to be accidental. A verbal warning is given out as a courtesy to help a player avoid receiving a written warning in the future. When a verbal warning is given, the staff member very clearly states to the player “I am officially giving you a verbal warning about this issue” likely followed with some insight or suggestions. There is no guarantee that a player will receive a verbal warning prior to receiving a written warning.


A Knight Realms written warning can be given by a Marshal or Officer and must be issued in person. A written warning is issued if the staff member believes that some type of infraction was made. A written warning is given out specifically because the staff member believes that a discussion needs to be had between the player and the Director or Assistant Director. If a written warning is placed on a player’s card, the only person who can remove the warning is the Director or the Assistant Director, after they have spoken to the player to their satisfaction. If a marshal wishes to be present for the discussion then they must write that on the card as well. Example: *Warning (unsportsmanlike behavior - see directors with marshal *Bill Smith*)

If at the end of an event an outstanding warning is on a character card and it has not been resolved, then that character will not earn build or be able to learn skills or advance in any way until the warning is resolved through the proper channels. In this case the warning will be marked clearly on the notes section of the card with the date that it was given and any details including the reason for the warning and the character number of the person who issued the warning. For example: “Warning - Using more skills than character has - issued by #998”

Whether a written warning is present on a payers card hand written or in print because the player did not yet seek to resolve it, it is ultimately the players responsibility to have their warning addressed. If a player voluntarily goes to the director or assistant director to discuss a written warning, then upon resolution of the issue the player’s docked advancement is refunded. If the player attends 3 events with this warning and the Director or Assistant Director have to seek them out they will only receive a portion of their docked advancement. This portion will be 25-50% of the total, to be determined at the time of the resolution by the Director or Assistant Director.

Reporting Issues

There are many policy issues that must be followed and enforced. Generally we like to think that our members would not break these policies, however if at any time you are a witness to such an act, we ask that you bring any incident to our attention immediately after witnessing it. In failing to do so, the task of acting on that issue becomes monumentally difficult. We can't operate on "He said, she said" a week after the fact when some of the parties may not be reachable, and the details have been given time to have gotten fuzzy. We will always seek to uphold these policies; however due to the nature of difficulty in getting to the truth, after too much time has elapsed, we reserve the right not to investigate a situation if something isn't reported expediently.


Knight Realms aims to provide an environment where players and staff are treated fairly, with respect and are free from discrimination. To this end, under no circumstances do we tolerate any discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation or religion - both blatant or under the guise of a fantasy trope.  Forms of hate speech, intolerance, or membership to a hate group are also strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension or worse, at the discretion of the Directors. 

Consent and Harassment

Auto-Consent and Opt out

By attending this game you consent to someone touching your shoulder to your elbow with a light touch from their hand.  You may opt out of this by telling the person with whom you are interacting.

This is to allow for casting and basic effects that may need a touch effect. If you opt out then it should be in close approximation without contact.


Verbal Harassment

We take player harassment very seriously and if a player is uncomfortable with how someone is speaking to them we encourage them to seek a Player Rep or Officer.  The offending party will be spoken to and either they will apologize (If requested) or we will inform you once they have been addressed.  Multiple offenses will lead to a more severe punishment.


Sexual Assault

Under no circumstances is this something that may be roleplayed or discussed at Knight Realms.  If this occurs a rules violation and immediate conversation with the Director or Assistant Director will be issued.

In the event a Sexual Assault / Misconduct were to occur between players it is encouraged to seek the proper legal channels through your local authorities. In the event a Police Report is filed against the offending party they will subsequently be suspended indefinitely from the game.

If a report is not filed, please speak with a Player Rep, Officer, or Directors.  We apologize in advance that we will need to ask personal questions to try to understand the situation, but in order to gather enough evidence to remove the offending party this will be required.  We recommend that you seek out someone that you feel comfortable speaking with or have them accompany you.

Should we be able to gather enough information that it is reasonably possible that this occurred, the offending member will be banned.



Code of Conduct - Celebrity and Filming

On occasion, a celebrity or film crew may be present on camp for a number of reasons including promotions or other events. These will not usually interfere with the game. These people will be accompanied by staff members at all times during their stay. Under no circumstances should anyone approach them out of game for autographs or other reasons.

At no point should any players or non-designated staff or marshals disrupt the game or the events taking place to interrupt the celebrity or staff involved. Film crew activities will be announced. Players who choose to interact in-game with visiting celebrities should expect to be filmed or photographed.

This policy serves as general procedural rules. Any additional rules or restrictions for special events or filming will be announced in advance before an event is to take place.



All players must have 3 signatures marked on their card by the end of a Knight Realms weekend: NPC Duty, Cabin Clean up, and Camp Clean up.  A player who is missing one or more signatures will be given a Written Violation, and earn no build and learn no skills for the event.


Photograph & Promotional Material

Players that attend Knight Realms may have their photograph taken during the course of events (IG or OOG) or may be filmed. Knight Realms reserves the right to use these materials for public and promotional purposes, on the official Knight Realms website, in social media, and in printed media. If you do not wish your image to be used in such fashion, you must notify the Director in writing. A reasonable effort will be made by Knight Realms to avoid use after such notification.


Intellectual Property

Any player or staff who creates content -- to include, but not limited to character histories, plot, game lore, or other written works -- upon submission, agrees to grant perpetual rights to Knight Realms Entertainment for use within any medium under the company umbrella.

Knight Realms Entertainment reserves the right to use these works however it deems appropriate, including for marketing or promotional purposes.

Personal Conduct


Smoking is permitted for adults over the legal smoking age. Smoking must be done outside of buildings and at least 6ft away from any entrance. If you look young but are old enough to smoke, carry your ID on you, because you might be asked to produce proof of your age. If a Rules Marshal asks to see ID as proof of age and you cannot provide one you will be asked to stop smoking immediately and your age will need to be proven quickly afterwards to resolve the matter. Any smoker who discards his or her cigarette butts inappropriately on the ground will receive a Written Violation.  Underage smoking will not be tolerated. Any youth player who is found smoking will be given a Rules Violation and his or her parents will be notified.


Alcohol and Drugs

Knight Realms does not permit the use of any recreational substance, legal or illegal, on the premises of the camp.  Any player found intoxicated or under the influence will be given a Written Violation and, at the discretion of the Directors, suspended from the game.


General Inappropriate Behavior

Knight Realms is a PG13 game that permits unsupervised children ages 14 and up to participate, as well as supervised children ages 10-13.  Because of this, Knight Realms does not permit inappropriate behavior such as excessive cursing or inappropriate intimacy.  Knight Realms reserves the right to punish - either by a Written Violation or suspension or expulsion from the game – any personal conduct that is inappropriate in the eyes of the Director.


Out of Game Violence

Absolutely no real life violence is permitted at Knight Realms regardless of age or staff position. Anyone expressing real life physical, and in some cases verbal, violence will be immediately removed from the campsite and may be suspended at the discretion of the Directors.


Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Excessively arguing with a Marshal, failing to cooperate with Knight Realms staff, hurling epithets at other players (OOG), and other forms of personally abusive conduct that breach the spirit of sportsmanship at the game can be punished with a Verbal or Written Violation.


Falsely Representing Authority

A person claiming to hold a position of authority at Knight Realms that do not possess it will be punished with a Written Violation. In addition, if the claim is accompanied by an attempt to induce other players to follow any command or ruling, may be suspended at the discretion of the Directors.


Rules and Atmosphere Misuse

Any player found misusing their card, whether using skills they do not possess, misusing a skill in a way the rules do not allow, or other egregious disregard for the rules may result in the receipt of a Verbal Warning or Written Violation.  Likewise, the atmosphere of the game is a high fantasy setting and so players should maintain the atmosphere appropriately.  Failing to do so may result in a Verbal Warning.


NPC Duty

Every Knight Realms player has an obligation to fulfill a four-hour NPC time shift. This NPC duty must be fulfilled regardless of what other tasks are performed in between the events or at a weekend event. There are a few exceptions to this rule - members of staff, for example - but anyone not given a specific exemption has an obligation to perform a four-hour NPC shift. Failure to do so will result in a Written Violation and a requirement to complete an additional four-hour NPC shift.



Reckless Behavior

Players are responsible for their personal health and well being first and foremost. Individuals who knowingly put themselves at risk through reckless behavior will receive a Verbal Warning. Should harmful actions continue to persist, the player will receive a Written Violation.

Combat Safety

Combat in Knight Realms is a privilege all players are allowed to participate in.  Those who receive excessive complaints or fight recklessly will receive a Verbal Warning, followed by a Written Violation on their second offense.  Further offenses may result in a ban from participating in combat at the discretion of the Directors.


Wildlife Encounters

Wildlife encounters are frequent at Knight Realms events, and while the vast majority of such encounters are benign, there are animals that can be potentially dangerous that venture into the campgrounds we use. If at any time you are uncertain about whether a sound you hear in the woods is a KR player or a wild animal, you may call a hold and simply ask "Are you a wild animal?" or a question to that effect. If you are the subject of such a question, you must respond immediately and in an intelligible manner. Failure to respond to a wildlife inquiry will result in a Written Violation. Repeated violations of this policy may result in a suspension from the game, at the Director's discretion.

If you are NPCing or otherwise portraying a wild animal at an event, it is important to remember that there are wild coyotes in the area, and we strictly prohibit howling, as it has been cited in the past to attract them.  Those found in disregarding this will be given a Verbal Warning.


Wildlife Safety

A) In order to avoid drawing the attention of bears, coyotes, or other potentially dangerous animals, you should never leave open food in a cabin. All food must be kept in its original sealed packaging. We highly suggest taking all food-related garbage to the Inn building or to the dumpsters for disposal. Animals have very keen senses of smell and will detect the scent of food even when you cannot. Failure to comply will result in a Written Violation.

B) In the event that you observe a bear anywhere in the campground, you must report the sighting to a staff member as soon after the encounter as is practicable. In other words, don't ignore the above advice and go running to tell one of us, lest you incite the bear. Take your time to remove yourself from the encounter safely, and then report the encounter.


Fire Safety

Fires at Knight Realms, whether in a fireplace, firepit, candle, lantern, or otherwise may never be left unattended.  If at any point you must leave an area with a fire, you must put it out before leaving, even if you were not the one to start it. Torches and open flames may be used outside, but must be a minimum of five feet away from structures or hanging branches.  If conditions have forced the campground to declare a fire ban, you will be informed either at opening ceremonies or informed via social media.  Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in a Written Warning and a suspension at the discretion of the Directors.

PvP Stance

It is the goal of Knight Realms to provide an environment that supports good storytelling, character building, and is conducive to good role-playing. As such, we believe that it would be detrimental to the game to eliminate the possibility of Player versus Player conflict (PvP). At the same time, PvP is one of the most nettlesome issues that the staff confronts on a regular basis, and its handling can have a great impact on the degree of enjoyment that many players get from the game. Therefore, let us explain our view on PvP, and in doing so hopefully encourage the right kinds of it and discourage the wrong kinds of it.

PvP is a staple in many RPG games, and provides a different area of character development and interaction in the game world.  A game where characters can get into heated arguments or throw a few punches at each other helps to encourage a more immersive living experience.  However, not always do both players agree with these kinds of interactions.

Knight Realms is, at its core, a collaborative storytelling experience, and so we strongly encourage the players to talk out and come to mutually consensual agreements about how certain scenes might play out.  While the notion of surprise is liked by some players, others enjoy being able to plan out the PvP scenario, much like a scripted scene in some ways, and want to push more into the realm of the theatrics of it, rather than just the fight. We believe that the willingness to collaborate with one another will often make the experience better, and leave everyone walking away happy, rather than someone leaving with hurt feelings.

This does not mean that you cannot participate if you do not agree with the other party ahead of time, just simply our stance on what we believe the best course to be in the event a situation may arise. Given that, there are some conditions that we have laid out below that allow us to permit such action in a way that we feel gives the players a whole some peace of mind regarding fairness on all accounts:

  1. A player may initiate PvP at any time, however, in the event of any disputes, the game will always rule in favor of the victim.  The only instances when this will not be the case, is if the player initiating the PvP first finds a Marshal to volunteer overseeing the situation.  The Marshal overseeing it will make all decisions regarding any disputes.

  2. In the event of a player actively griefing another, for any reason, the game may choose to aid the victim with additional resources against the offending player.  Knight Realms does not condone griefing in any regard, even against a character who has been declared an Outlaw.  Players found griefing may also receive a Written Violation or more at the discretion of the Directors. (Griefing is the term used to describe aggravated behavior such as borderline harassment, being  relentless or exceptionally unsportsmanlike. An example of griefing would be killing another players character over and over again to make sure they were not having fun.)

To summarize, as an extension of dramatic tensions between characters, PvP is a dynamic element of Knight Realms and one which we have no desire to curtail, because to do so would artificially constrain character development. We're here to explore the depths of our characters' lives against this dramatic and dangerous landscape; we are not here to put them in steel cages against one another to see who survives, so talk to your fellow players and you will likely find a more meaningful and engaging story to tell than if you were to just hunt someone on the road.