Staff Contact Information 


Business Mailing Address (This is not the campsite address) 

403 Williams Court
Edgewater NJ 07020

Cell Phone (During Events Only):
(908) 917-7120 
* For greatest response speed please send text message as initial point of contact. 

The Director - James C. Kimball


The director is the first and final voice in all elements of Knight Realms operations. He manages the business affairs of Knight Realms, sets all policies and appoints or dismisses Officers as required. Only the director can countermand a decision made by the director. The director’s responsibilities and authority are globally comprehensive within the Knight Realms organization, and cannot be identified singly in any practical manner. No other staff position has banning, hiring or firing ability from any position without first securing approval from the director.

Operation Officers 

Officers whose primary job is to actively operate the running of the game both during and between live events.  These officers perform various duties as needed and stated by the director. Each operations officer might focus their efforts on an area or task within the organization, but that area does not define their position. Operation Officers have periodic on-line meetings with the director. They are the primary point of contact for the player base. 

Alice Bryson - 

Drew Benton - 


JP Desantis - 


Marcella Torres - 


Matthew Majchrzak -

Nick Hertia - 

Zelda Turqman - 

Player Representative Contact

 If you have an issue you would like to report to the player reps and you have not already been in contact with a member of the team, please send an email to the following address with as much detail about the situation as possible.  A member of the team will be in contact with you at their earliest opportunity to help you find a resolution.