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Available Locations:

  • New Jersey + Tri State Area - Stay on this website

  • Maryland + Mid Atlantic Area - Website TBA



Exercise your acting skills, either as one character all weekend long, or instead a wide range of characters! Also develop your real life social interaction skills and confidence! 


Escape reality and become immersed in our fantasy world! Feel like you are the star of a 

fantasy movie or novel and live out the experience of the adventure! 


Chase or be chased by monsters! Search the enchanted woods or engage in epic war with monstrous hordes! Engage in active sport like activity and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! 


Live Action Role-Playing is theatrical improv where the audience and the performers are one in the same.  Larp is a more active version of tabletop role-playing. 


Our game rules are designed to be both friendly to newer players and also solve the age old issue of level gap!  Use your skills every brief rest so that you feel useful in every scenario! 


Become part of our large and friendly community when you join Knight Realms! Meet, see and act with hundreds of new friends, whom all share a love of fantasy and gaming!  

What is Knight Realms?

Knight Realms Explained

Knight Realms is a long-running campaign Live Action Roleplaying game based in a high fantasy world that mixes the use of magic with the mundane to create a unique setting.  Utilizing our 200 acre site to its fullest, the game is a fully immersive 24 hour experience that drops the player characters into its ever-evolving story and pits them against monsters who would seek their downfall.  With events every month, it is up to each player whether to be part of the story, or change the course of events!

The Knight Realms LARP rules allow for players to create the character they want to be.  The game’s rules allow for a player to purchase multiple classes over the course of their lifetime, and so a player has near limitless options for creating their own unique identity.

As a lightest touch boffer LARP, Knight Realms provides its players with fast-paced, action packed combat scenarios that intertwine the dynamics of player teamwork and other obstacles that will challenge the players and leave them with memorable tales to tell around the table over a drink!

The Knight Realms community is welcoming and friendly, inclusive to players from all walks of life, and so we entreat you to join us and become part of the fantasy!


Knight Realms Gallery


Prologue - June 1220

Time and time again, the heroes of Travance have gathered en masse to face and overcome foes that would seek out their destruction and give freedom to the greatest evil the world has known.  The whispers of the Dark Clandestine still creep their way into the minds of those whose hearts fill with vile notions, ever calling them closer to its prison.  It is thus a fortunate case that the heroes make their home here, growing stronger each day, learning more each moment, and preparing themselves for a battle of which many may yet not know is still one day to come.

For now, the great dark forces of the world have scattered to the winds, and plague elsewhere.  The heroes of Travance have chosen to give chase and settle the troubles of the lands of Greater Kormyre and beyond.  Their valor and courage in turn kindling the spirit of adventure in others they meet, who in turn venture forth to do the same.

The heroes of Travance have been given the opportunity to rightly display that the Age of Heroes has indeed earned its namesake, inspiring others to take up the mantle and join them.  And in time, they will return to Travance stronger, wiser, with new allies, and possibly new enemies.

“Seek out adventure, ye heroes of legend.  When Calamity rears once more, hearken to the call home!  Return thee, to the land where heroes are forged from trial and challenge.  Return thee, to Travance and rise, steadfast against the darkness to which the Dark Clandestine doth call!"

Knight Realms Details

Knight Realms - Travance

(Tri-State Area, NJ, NY, PA) 

Knight Realms Travance is our home game which has been running since 1997. We own our own 200 acre site, which is also the home of the Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival! Click on the below links for more information about our game!

Camp Sacajawea - 844 White Lake Road, Sparta NJ 07871


© 1997 - Present Day by James C, Kimball