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Alt Events

The annual "Alt Event" is a full weekend event where the setting, plot, and characters are an alternate to the normal game setting of Travance. The setting may be in another part of the world, in the distant past, or even nearby to Travance but a different group of people from the normal weekend events!

One of the hallmarks of the Alt Events is that everyone is on equal footing when entering the event. All PCs are around 5th level, and all of them start with the same access to equipment, etc. No one is more powerful or experienced, there are no Higher Lists involved, etc. The Alt Event is intended to invoke the early days of Knight Realms, when possessing Strength +1 was a major feat, and the danger of dying was extremely real.

Because of the alternate nature of the event, many players take the opportunity to explore character concepts they normally would not play. Other races (such as makeup-heavy ones), evil PCs (that would normally be executed on sight, and not worth playing for more than one event), and such are common. We're not asking you to make a throw-away character, but definitely think outside the box, and play something new!

Alt events are split up into two portions, the alt portion and the regular event portion. The Alt event portion is from Friday night to Sat night and sometime Sat night, the Alt portion ends. You can then play your normal character and finish out the weekend as a normal event. 

Specific details for each Alt Event, such as setting, background, or special rules, will be posted on the Forums in the weeks leading up to the event - please make sure you read them!


Build Gain and Advancement:

You gain build and advancement opportunity for your regular character for playing the alt event.

If you pay the PC price for the weekend you gain +10 build for your regular character and can automatically learn a single skill without a teacher, as per the same rules as the Awards Banquets or Moresca Ball. You will also be allowed to PC your regular character from when the alt plot ends Saturday night.  Secondary PCs follow the normal rules (i.e. - Pay $20, they will gain full build for the event, as well as any additional build purchased for your main PC).

If you pay the NPC price (which is Free), you receive regular NPC compensation and must follow all standard full time NPC obligations for the entirety of the weekend, even after the switch takes place.

Money, and Treasure

  • An Alt Character may use your normal PC's physical coin (but not Bank Account). Any money acquired In-Game during the Alt Event may be transferred back to your regular PC at the end of the Alt portion of the event.

  • Select treasure items during the Alt event may be transferred to your normal PC after the Alt portion of the event. If an item has a normal item card, it may be brought In-Game with your normal PC. If the item has a differently colored item card, it can only be used during the Alt portion of the event

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