Awards Banquet

Cost: $50 base / Additional characters may be purchased for $20 each. This includes: +10 base Build per character, catered dinner, & features listed below

** You may purchase additional points of Build for $10 each, up to five Build. Additional Build applies to all purchased characters and comes with additional benefits, listed below.

Time: You may arrive as early as 5:00pm. The awards ceremony and dinner begin at 7:30pm and conclude around midnight.

Dress: The Awards Banquet is a formal event and attendees are encouraged to dress similarly to how they would for a wedding reception or cocktail party.

Pre-Registration: In order to ensure an accurate headcount for dinner, you must pre-register for this event. Pre-registration details are announced by the Director several weeks prior to the event. Pre-registration is an RSVP and not a pre-payment of admission; however, if you pre-register for the event, you are responsible for the event fee, even if you do not attend. See below for details on paying for the event without attending.

Awards Ceremony: Throughout the evening, many players will be presented with awards and accolades for their contributions to the community over the past year, which have been voted on by the Knight Realms player base or awarded by the Director. If you have been nominated for an award, you may wish to prepare a few words to say to the community in the event that you win!

Paying for the Event without Attending: If you cannot be in attendance but still wish to pay for the event, you may. Whether or not you attend the event, you still earn the base Build and may purchase additional Build. You may not spend Service Points at the banquet unless you are physically present; however, you may still earn Self-Teaches and have someone enter the featured raffle on your behalf.

Alcohol Policy: If you are over 21, you may BYOB. You may bring either one 6-pack of approximately 12oz (355 mL) or less beverages (such as a standard six-pack of beer), or one approximately 750 mL or smaller bottle (such as a standard bottle of wine). Your beverage may not exceed 17% alcohol by volume — hard liquor is not permitted during the Awards Banquet.

Non KR Guests: You may desire to bring a guest that is not a KR player and as such will not bennifit from any of the ingame build or opportunities. You will have two options for payment for these guests. The first option is that they pay $30 to attend and any build or rewards are forfiet. The second option is they pay the full amount and all of thier build can be transfered to your chracter. These additional options are ONLY avaiable for someone who does not attend KR and likely never will.



Any player who purchases extra Build at the banquet will earn one Self-Teach per Build point purchased.

At any event, a character may use a Self-Teach to learn a skill without a teacher. This skill does not count towards the limit of skills a character can learn in one event (typically one new skill and one additional use of a skill); for example, a character may spend three Self-Teaches to learn three skills on top of her two normally learned skills.

A Self-Teach may either be used to learn a skill normally (the player writes the skill on her character card and learns the skill for the following event) or used at check-in. If a character uses a Self-Teach at check-in, it must be authorized by the on-duty marshal and noted on the OOG notes section of her character card with the marshal’s signature. This allows the character to learn the skill instantly and use it during the same event.

Featured Raffle

Any player in attendance at the banquet will receive one red raffle ticket. Any player who purchases Build will receive three tickets per Build purchased (to a maximum of five Build). Additional red tickets may be purchased for $1 each during intermission.

Red tickets should be labelled with your name and may be placed in the tall buckets in the far end of the room. The raffle will be drawn at the end of the night. The prizes will be announced shortly before the Banquet.

Liquidate Service Points to Build

Any player who has purchased +5 Build may zero out their Service Points to convert it to Build at a rate of 1,000 SP to 1 Build. Any remaining SP under 1,000 will be retained.

Raffle Items

Any player in attendance at the banquet may purchase white raffle tickets for 5% of your total SP, rounded down to the nearest hundred, to a minimum cost of 100 SP. For example, if you have 10,000 SP, your tickets will cost 500 SP each. If you have 32,450 SP, your tickets will cost 1,600 SP each. These tickets will be sold during intermission; we will let you know the price of your tickets before you commit to purchasing any.

White tickets should be labelled with your name and may be placed in any of the small buckets by the awards podium. The raffle will be drawn towards the end of the night; the prizes will be announced shortly before the Banquet.

Wondrous Abilities

Any player in attendance at the banquet may spend their Service Points to purchase up to one ability from a list announced shortly before the Banquet. This purchase may be made for the player’s character or on behalf of any other player in attendance. However, any given player may only earn one Wondrous Ability per banquet. These abilities are only obtainable from special means, such as the Awards Banquet.

A player may also choose to transfer SP to another player in order for them to purchase a Wondrous Ability. This SP must be spent immediately at the banquet and may not be saved for later. Doing so counts as if both players purchased an ability.

Exclusive Wondrous Abilities: Certain Wondrous Abilities will only be available at a given year’s Awards Banquet only and are likely to never be available again. Exclusive Wondrous Abilities cannot ever be obtained from Personal Abilities or any source other than an Awards Banquet at which they are specifically listed as available.

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