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16 Sep 2019 20:59 - 04 Oct 2019 21:18 #1 by Anthony G. (Artemis)
Hi all, New to LARP was created by Anthony G. (Artemis)
Hello everyone. I just finished creating my character and awaiting approval for Artemis Burton. I remember looking at this a few years ago but told myself my job will never give me time off to participate for a event like this. now that i have some form of time on i looked back at it again and low and behold i have one of my vacations right smack on the november event. I highly doubt i will be able to make the October event but i will definitely be going to the november event. Been looking up all sorts of different information regarding the 24 hr stay between packing enough food and gear to stay in a cabin to the core rules of how spells work and combat.

some things about me
I have played DnD and a few other table tops through the years.
Lore may it be fiction or nonfiction excites me especially when it goes into the mythological side of lore.
As much as i work due to the nature of the beast i like to play video games on my computer (discord is proxxy11223#3730) and enjoy listening to podcasts while grinding out lvls in WoW or black desert.

anyone have any quick advice or links to point me in the right way?

- Artemis Burton

(OOG)Anthony G.
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30 Sep 2019 22:39 #2 by Ebony Hale (ChelseaYeats)
Replied by Ebony Hale (ChelseaYeats) on topic Hi all, New to LARP
Hi Anthony, my name is Chelsea and I am one of the Kitchen Staff at Knight Realms. In terms of food, we provide food Saturday and Sunday morning in the form of Pancakes amd bacon or sausage untill from 8am-11am usually, as well as a 'feast' seated meal Saturday evening around 6pm. We have fridge space and a microwave for players to use as well. You can also use the Kitchen's stove/ oven as well friday night, just check in with the litchen staffer on shift and clean up afterwards.

Knight Realms has an official Discord that many players use to just sit and chat in as well as play video games or even RP as their characters between games. You can usually find someone on here to ask a plethora of questions.

You can also find me on facebook with more questions on things.

~Ebony Hale-MazoKisei
Knight of Cups of Albriar
Dean of Shamanism at Darkwood Academy
OOG: Chelsea Yeats
Kitchen Staff

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