normal Hybrid Paragon: Acolyte Implications and Rumors

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08 Oct 2018 20:17 #1 by Mantel (sigma-j)
Hybrid Paragon: Acolyte Implications and Rumors was created by Mantel (sigma-j)
There is a rumor floating around that we can choose any power source for full Caster lists as well, and just re-flavor how we do the profession role-play. I wanted to get this confirmed or denied before people get too invested in the idea.

If in the off-chance the answer is yes we can, if someone Championed an Order-aligned Greater Being in April 1218, will they now be allowed to take Hexer or Chaos Warrior provided they re-flavor the profession to satisfy the Order alignment?

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09 Oct 2018 11:15 #2 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic Hybrid Paragon: Acolyte Implications and Rumors
This rumor is false. Reflavoring is available strictly for the Hybrid lists only.

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