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Week in the Life

The Week in the Life event is a special, once a year event at which you can play out the life of your character when they are not adventuring or attending the Baronial Feast. The extended portion of the event, which lasts from Wednesday Evening until Friday evening (when the even normally starts) is run as an open-ended, low-key event that encourages characters to role-play with each other, spend time doing in-game activities they may not normally get the chance to do, and otherwise enjoy a normal "week in the life" outside of the normal excitement and adventure of a weekend event.

During the extended portion of the event, food service is not provided by the game. Players are encouraged to bring food for themselves, or to arrange with other players to eat together, and to plan out their meals as a part of their daily routine. Also, please remember to bring clean clothes and bathing supplies as well - even heroes don't want to smell like an adventure!

Once the extended portion of the event is over, the event picks up the pace, and becomes a normal Knight Realms weekend event. Players do not need to attend both portions of the event if they do not want to - each one is run separately, with their own costs, rules, and requirements.

Cost and Build:

Extended Portion (Wed Night - Friday Afternoon):

  • PCs: $50 (10 Build) (+5 Optional Build, $10 each) - The entire extended portion is purchased as a block, regardless of the amount of time you will be on-site. You do not need to be present to purchase this.

  • Additional PCs: ($20, extra build is free if purchased for first character)

  • NPC: Free (+5 Optional Build, $10 each) Please note this option may not be available if NPCs are not required during the week.


Regular Portion (Friday Night - Sunday):

Per normal weekend event. This is in addition to the Extended Portion of the event.

NPC Duty Requirements:

Extended Portion (Wed Night - Friday Afternoon): 

There are no required NPC shifts during the Weekday portion of the WITL event.  Please enjoy the time with your friends!


Regular Portion (Friday Night - Sunday):

Per normal weekend event.


Rules for the "Week in the Life" event


The following conditions and modifiers will apply to the rules for the Week in the Life event. For the most part, these are designed to give the most benefit to the player, while still maintaining game balance, and ease of logistics, during the event.

  • During the week portion of the event, light consumption of alcohol is permitted by those who are of legal drinking age. Light consumption is defined types and amounts that may allow for a buzz, but not full blown intoxication. Knight Realms staff reserves the right to revoke this privilege from any player and for any reason. This minor leniency is intended to be a gesture of good faith and so any found to be abusing the spirit of this rule will be subject to further punishments from the organization. From Friday morning to Sunday of the second part of the WITL event our normal zero tolerance drinking policy is in full effect.

  • Those who take part in the first half which is the extended event portion of the event will be playing off of the honor system and will not receive an additional card for that portion.

  • Skills, Abilities, and Points learned during the extended portion of the event are considered learned for the second portion of the event.  This includes using skills learned as a prerequisite during the first part, which may be used to learn new skills during the second portion.

  • Learning Master List Skills: You may learn one new, and one already learned Master List skill during each portion of the event. You MUST be present and role-play the learning at that portion of the event to make use of this! (i.e. - if you do not learn the new skill during the extended portion, you cannot learn two new skills, even if you were present for it).

  • Fates may only be purchased once for the whole event. Those with lasting effects last the whole Week in the Life event, those that let you purchase something (Trinket, Materials, Skills) may only be purchased once. If you choose not to buy them during the extended portion (or earn SP you want to spend), you may purchase them at the Friday check-in.

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