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Winterdark Ball

Event: In-Game Masquerade Ball

Place: The Moresca Hall (361 Union Center Road, Ulster Park, NY 12487)

Time5:00 P.M. to Midnight (Arrive at 2:00 P.M. to sign in).  Date each year will be listed on the Calendar of Events.

Cost$50 (+ option to purchase up to +5 build at $10 each.)



  • You receive 10 to 15 build depending on the admission you pay. 

  • It is a masquerade ball, please bring a mask.

  • No combat is allowed. In-game, the Count has you check your weapons at the door 

  • There will be  feasting, dancing and entertainment.

  • You will be allowed to learn any one skill as per the rules below.

  • Due to limited parking, carpooling is encouraged if possible.

Additional Details for each year's event will be posted on the Discord & Announcement Page - please visit these for updates!



Sign in will begin at 2pm. Please plan to arrive on or slightly after that time. We wish to begin the game at 5pm, and we plan to close registration at 6pm. If you absolutely have to arrive after 6pm, send James an email to make sign-in arrangements. The ball will end at midnight.



Try to car pool if possible. Park very close together to maximize on space. If you begin to park along the driveway, then only park on one side, whichever side people are parked on. Do not park on the opposite side of other cars along the road, causing the road to be tightened too much. At any point in time a fire truck needs to have access to the main building.


KR Policy

All of the KR policies extend to this event as they would to any other one-day in-game event. Anyone found to be breaking any policies will be punished to the same degree as of at a full weekend event.  In particular this reminder is being especially made in regards to alcohol. If you arrive intoxicated you will be turned away at the door.


Costuming and Make-Up

To reduce on waiting time, and maximize on play time, we strongly encourage you to dress-up prior to arriving at the hall. If you cannot, then there will be bathrooms in which you can dress.

The KR make-up kit will not be available. Plan your make-up needs ahead of time. You should attempt to do your make-up outside or in your car. Bring a mirror with you if you will need it. If you must do make-up in the bathroom, then bring a towel and lay it on the sink and be positive that you are not leaving behind makeup evidence.



Please keep an eye on the Discord & Announcement Page for more details as we get closer to the Event.


Mugs and Chalices

If you have your own In-Game mug or cup, you are highly encouraged to bring it.


Clean up

Please remember to throw away your plate when you are done eating so that it is not left on the tables to detract from the wonderful atmosphere.  



Be respectful to the structure, and the place both inside and out. If the weather is good and we wander outside, be careful not to step on any flowers  If you see the owner of the venue consider thanking her for her hospitality near the end of the night.



Cost to NPC at the Ball will be the reduced price of $20. You will get all the build for PCing, you get to self teach or learn skills just as a PC would.  Every NPC who lets us know that they are coming by two weeks prior to the event will have a NPC role crafted for them by plot.  Please send an email to James to let him know if you are coming to NPC.


No Combat

We are not allowed to perform combat of any kind in the building. 


Commodities and Created Items

Commodity cards will not be handed out or accepted for build.  You will be allowed to perform creating skills such as creating scrolls, smithing, alchemy, manuscripts, etc., Self Teach

Any player who purchases extra Build at the ball will earn one Self-Teach per Build point purchased.

Self Teach

To use a self teach, the player should write on the character card the skill they wish to learn, and specify “self teach” or “using self teach” in the Teacher section.

Self Teaches can only be used at an event during live game play, like learning any other skill. The skill or skills self taught will be available to the character for use the following event, just as if one learned the skill normally from a teacher.

Self Teaches are not needed when learning additional purchases of a skill the character already has, unless the player wishes to bypass the cap on learned skills per event (50 build worth of skills, or 2 skills if they cost more than 50 build).


Self Teaches are valid for lower and master lists. 

With the release of exalted lists a player may use self teaches on additional purchases of exalted skills they already have, if they want to learn skills over the cap on learned skills per event.

Self teaches may not be used to purchase exalted skills a character does not already have.

Self teaches will not allow a player to bypass the achievement, quest, or roleplay requirements of qualifying for any exalted list skill.


Additional Characters 

You can play two characters. After you have paid in full for the first character your second character is 20$ and all build bought for the first character transfers to the all characters paid for. 

For example:

First Character + all build: $50 +$10 +$10 +$10 +10 +10 = $100
Second Character + all build: $20 + $0 + $0 + $0 +0 +0 = $20

Any additional characters equals the same as the second character.

Any character that you pay for can get the full benefits of the ball in regards to skill teaching and build gained.

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