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December 2023 Online Announcements

Arrival Reminder:

Earliest Arrival is noon.

Check in begins at 6pm.

Lay on is at 10pm.

Lay off is at 2pm on Sunday.

New player training will be at 7:30 in the barn!

Saturday Camp Cleanup:

If you are leaving before lay off or want to get your camp cleanup done early, meet Alice at the Inn Kitchen between 6 and 6:30pm on Saturday for a mid-game assignment.

Gathering System

To collect components you must complete 30 seconds of roleplay per component collected up to a total of 30 components per gathering (15 mind of rp). We ask that you roleplay what you're gathering! For example - for floral maybe you're collecting flowers or twigs from a nearby bush. For mineral perhaps you're collecting and breaking open rocks for specific minerals, etc.

We ask that you have fun with it while we work on a more complete system!

Community Managers Holiday Food Drive

Do not forget about our food drive to the Sparta Food Pantry! Any non perishable and/or monetary donations would be greatly appreciated for 1.5x build you would get for regular donations! There will be totes in logistics to drop off your donations when you sign in! Below is the link if you wanna check out the website. Remember to bring your receipts!

Atmosphere Team Reminders

Reminders from the Atmosphere Team this month!

-Roleplay your combat and sell your blows. It makes combat more fun for everyone.

-Please stay in character. If for some reason you need to go out of game, please do so away from other players as to not impact their immersion and gameplay. Please do not interrupt a scene for an OOG comment unless its necessary.

Please do not openly use your phone. We get that there are times when you may need to check the time or check a rule, but please try to do these checks with your phone under a table or away from other players. We have noticed a severe uptick in this with the new exalted rules.

Please be mindful of your trash.

A reminder regarding spirits: If you see someone in a blue headband and have chosen for your character to be able to see spirits, your character sees a glowing blue ball of light. It is not possible to tell who the spirit belongs to until you have started the process of resurrecting them.

Safety Reminders

Just a reminder that players are encouraged to travel together at night, there have been coyote encounters on camp recently. If you see or hear large animals (coyotes/bears), please notify any staff member and those you come across who might not be aware. Players must avoid areas with active large animal activity. If large animals ever approach you or others with aggressive intent do not run away or turn you back to it! Stand your ground, wave your arms, and yell with a loud and authoritative tone until they leave. The vast majority of animals you may encounter in camp will run away from such a display.

Additionally, we had some confusion last month with some players believing they heard wolves in the camp. Please know that this is not possible as wild wolves are not present in NJ and have not been for a long time. Also please note that we consider “Coywolves” or Eastern Coyotes as Coyotes and will treat them as such when reacting to them on camp.

We are entering the Winter Season, please ensure you are taking precautions to ensure you’re staying warm and hydrated. Keep dry and ensure you’re wearing proper garb made from wool or other blends. Please avoid cotton when possible as it holds moisture to your body making you colder. Statehouses are always open to those that need to warm up. Keep an eye on yourself and on your fellow players. Feel free to reach out to a Safety Marshal if you need additional advice regarding cold weather Larping.

Card Team Reminders

-If you are a Patreon subscriber, please make sure your Patreon billing info remains up to date!

-Please read your card notes! This is one of the primary ways for our teams to communicate with you.

-Your character card being approved does NOT mean your backstory has been approved! Lore Team will leave a separate note on your card when they have reviewed and approved your backstory.

-We encourage you to take photos of your card(s) after an event before turning them in! If there is an issue, it helps both you and us resolve it in a timely manner.

-Remember that all rituals must be noted on a character card, whether your own or the target's (if you cast a ritual upon another character). Use the lined space on the back of the character card. If you use an invokable ritual, you are responsible for crossing it out or otherwise denoting it as used

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