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Exalted Class Release!

Hello everyone!

With the Exalted Classes release coming up for Week in the Life we need to start coordinating so that players can get to explore learning and playing with all the new classes we have to offer! Firstly, I would love to direct everyone who wants to learn an exalted class to fill out this form (Note only characters with all of their master classes learned, with at least one purchase of all 3 skills from each class are eligible):

Exalted Class Form

If you do not fill this form out, you will likely miss any chance of getting to experience anything at Week in the Life. If however you don’t, or you can’t attend Week in the Life, don’t worry as this won’t be your only chance.

As James said in his post, not all classes are going to be ready. A list of classes that ready can be found in this link:

Viewable Exalted Classes

This folder will get continuously populated in the coming weeks as classes finalize, but please don’t ask the team when a specific class will be ready as there’s no reasonable answer we can give you other than “soon”. In all cases of being allowed to write into a class, or being scheduled to learn one, someone will be reaching out to you directly in the email you use in the poll.

I know everyone probably has lot of questions, and I would ask that only the most urgent ones be directed to discord at: The Exalted Q&A Thread

You will also find a list of a FAQ there on discord.

Bear in mind the more time we spend answering questions, the less time we will have to finalize everything for the event, and I can assure you we are all working almost around the clock every day.

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