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Exalted Release Announcement

Exalted Release Announcement

Hello everyone! I have some incredibly exciting news for you all! We will be releasing the Exalted Lists for play at the Week in the Life June event! What does this mean? There’s going to be a bit of a hectic schedule going on soon because of it, and in order to minimize the amount of trouble to those working on getting this done, I’m going to go over exactly how I’ve instructed this to be done.

First and foremost, not all of the exalted classes will be released at this time because some of them may still not be complete. This project has been a mountain of work, and the people working on it have already devoted untold hours to it. So what classes are done will become available at week in the life, and any other classes or branches of classes will be completed later. Do not harass any of the people working on this release if a class you want isn't ready for the first release or if you are not happy with the class. Later on after the lists have been released and players have played them for a while I will consider updates if desired by the players or needed. I will solicit feedback over the coming months in a productive and effective manner, intent on a fast turnaround time. Please keep criticism productive instead of throwing around any generalized negativity in the community.

Step one of this process is that we will be releasing a poll on Tuesday at the earliest for you to tell us specifically which classes you will be purchasing at Week in the Life. This will only be for those who can open their classes at that event. This is so we can prioritize making sure as many of those are complete as possible. Alongside this, we will be publicly releasing every class that is currently completed with their lore and achievements, and requirements. Feel free to look at this before submitting your answers. You should only be submitting for the classes you are 100% certain you will be picking up at that event.

Step two is that we will be building a schedule of when/how the class teachers will be coming out to make sure everyone is taught the lore correctly and manage the expectations of how they should be playing these classes. More details about this step in particular will be posted later.

In addition to this, Lucian will be posting a form about how to drop your 20th Anniversary alignment, if that is something you want to do in order to qualify for a different class. However, doing so will come with some amount of consequences.

If applicable, classes will be taught during the weekday portion of the event as well.

I want to take a moment to be very clear about this situation. I do not want to hear anyone yelling at or berating or getting upset with the people who have been working tirelessly on this project. It was my decision to formally release these classes this way because I would much rather get out what we have than wait longer for everything to go all at once. The project as a whole will get done when it gets done, there is no hard set deadline on that. If you are hard set on a class that is not immediately available when they are shown, just fill out the form to express your intent to get the class and the team will endeavor to have it ready.

I am requesting that until after July, please do not do things that would require extensive attention from the Lore and Atmosphere Leads or Rules Dev until after July.

We are excited to be able to finally allow some of this to go live and we hope that you can enjoy the advanced rules content we put out there!

  • James ;)

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