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JAmes Announcement - Alignment Shift


For some time now, James has been mulling over how alignments are represented in Knight Realms. While the current dynamic works, it is not what currently matches what he wants for the game. He's been working with a team to reframe the nature of alignment and how it fits with the cosmology of the game to be something a little easier to understand, and fit more with what he envisions.

With the release of exalted lists coming out, he felt this was the best time to make this dynamic shift, as many players will be working towards new directions because of those classes. While it may not currently be reflected in the exalted classes as they will be shown to you immediately, this change should be coming out some time next week.

To give a brief synopsis, the forces of Good and Evil are a sliding scale that increase in potency the further along you get on the scale. One side of the scale ranges from Order all the way to Good, and the other side ranges from Chaos to Evil. This is, of course, a very oversimplified explanation and a more in depth look will be made available soon. But he wanted to make you aware of this coming change. 🙂

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