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Land, Guild and Organization Influence System

Hey everyone, this month we will be starting our influence system. The lands and some guilds and organizations will have an Influence task sheet. Completing activities on the task skeet earns influence points for the land, guild or organization. When those points accumulate those lands, guild or organizations may spend those influence points on benefits for their vassals or members.

Soon we will also be adding a personal influence reward list that a character can purchase from for themselves. Players will have multiple ways that they can earn individual influence points in order to buy from this list! Details for this will come out after the event.

In the first phase of this, the six lands, the rogues guild, the mystics guild and the Guard/inquisition will have task sheets.

In the second phase we hope to add the church, a fighters type guild and a guild that represents the crafters. We will be working with players and already existing guilds to see if they want to move things over to this system.

A third phase might allow for other groups to join this system but we are contemplating the details of what that would look like if we allow it to expand to encompass more than what is rolled out in the first two phases.

- James

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