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March 2024 Online Announcements


Earliest Arrival is noon.

Check in begins at 6pm.

Card Support in the Inn is 6-9pm. Priority will be given to new players who need to create cards over returning players who need adjustments made or errors addressed.

Lay on is at 10pm.

Lay off is EARLY, at 1pm Sunday. Due to wedding showings, please prioritize getting cleaned up and heading out quickly after lay off!

New player training will be at 7:30pm, Friday night in the barn and a new player tour mod will be at 11am Saturday.  New players, make sure to read the handout given to you at new player training! It has a lot of useful information for beginners.

There will be a workshop on Component Gathering RP at 9pm on Friday in the Inn. Look for Nick C. and Peaches!

Saturday Camp Cleanup:

If you are leaving before lay off or want to get your camp cleanup done early, meet Alice at the Inn Kitchen between 6 and 6:30pm on Saturday for a mid-game assignment.

Gathering System

To collect components you must complete 30 seconds of roleplay per component collected  up to a total of 30 components per gathering (15 mind of rp). We ask that you roleplay what you're gathering! For example - for floral maybe you're collecting flowers or twigs from a nearby bush.  For mineral perhaps you're collecting and breaking open rocks for specific minerals,  etc. 

We ask that you have fun with it while we work on a more complete system!

General Reminders

When you have a question, please look on our website and in our rulebook before either posting to the Q&A on Discord or directly messaging Team Leads or Marshals. We appreciate this courtesy and respect for everyone’s boundaries and energy outside of KR.

Reminders from the Atmosphere Team this month!

  • Stay in character. If for some reason you need to go out of game, please do so away from other players as to not impact their immersion and gameplay. Please do not interrupt a scene for an OOG comment unless it is absolutely necessary. 

  • Roleplay your combat and sell your blows. It makes combat more fun for everyone

  • Please do not openly use your phone. We get that there are times when you may need to check the time or check a rule, but please try to do these checks with your phone under a table or away from other players. We have noticed a severe uptick in this with the new exalted rules.

  • Please be mindful of your trash.

Safety Reminders

Reminder we will be using a new waiver this event so be sure to read it thoroughly during check in. Temps will no longer be taken as well. 

We have noticed an uptick of players getting hit in the head among other less desirable places so please be sure to mind your swings. 

Finally, despite spring being around the corner it’s slated to rain on Saturday with temps getting below freezing into the evening, be sure to bring appropriate garb and be mindful of ice.

Please remember to dress warmly when arriving for check in - in case the line stretches out the door, as is sometimes the case!

Cards Announcements

  • Card Team will be available to help new players during check-in from 6p-9p in the bar.

  • Be respectful of card team and do not ask them card questions before this time. Card Team is primarily at check in to help new players (and those returning from a long break)--if you are a regular player and have a card issue, please try to be respectful of this time.

  • Read your card notes. This is the primary way for our teams to contact you and tell you important things. You are responsible for reading these notes and knowing what is in them.

  • Please try to get your cleanup signed off and turn your cards into the card box within a reasonable amount of time after lay-off. I know we're all tired on Sunday and want to hang out with friends, but Card Team is also tired and cannot leave until your cards are turned in.

  • All signatures on cards (bank transactions, lessons, signoffs, etc) must have the player's initials AND card number, without exception.

  • Please try to write legibly on your cards! If we can't read it, it doesn't get added.

Lore Reminder

A reminder that players playing restricted or unique races are expected to follow any required costuming and roleplay. For example demonic traits for a Zakol. These were either outlined on the world anvil page, in your application or as part of the conversation when approval was being processed. If an atmosphere or lore team marshal asks you to adjust your costuming or roleplay please treat them respectfully and do it to your best ability. If something feels in error please reach out Lucian.

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