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November 2023 Online Announcements

Arrival Reminder:

Earliest Arrival is noon.

Check in begins at 6pm.

Lay on is at 10pm.

Lay off is at 2pm on Sunday.

Saturday Camp Cleanup:

If you are leaving before lay off or want to get your camp cleanup done early, meet Alice at the Inn Kitchen between 6 and 6:30pm on Saturday for a mid-game assignment.

New Player Training and Tour

Hello, we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you are all looking for an even greater Fallowsgiving.~ As always New Player Training will be at 7:15pm Friday. Weather pending it will be either under the white tent or the Barn! If you need help finding these areas just hang around the Inn and we will grab you!

Also don't forget we are hosting a food drive for the Sparta Food Pantry during the DECEMBER event. Bring your non perishables/monetary donations to logistics and receive 1.5x the normal donation reward!

Gathering System

To collect components you must complete 30 seconds of roleplay per component collected up to a total of 30 components per gathering (15 mind of rp). We ask that you roleplay what you're gathering! For example - for floral maybe you're collecting flowers or twigs from a nearby bush. For mineral perhaps you're collecting and breaking open rocks for specific minerals, etc.

We ask that you have fun with it while we work on a more complete system!

Announcements from Cards:

-Please ensure your Patreon billing information is up to date!

-Your character card being approved does NOT mean your backstory has been approved! Lore Team will leave a separate note on your card when they have reviewed and approved your backstory.

-READ YOUR CARD NOTES. Please. Just read them from time to time. That is one of our primary ways of letting you know something's up with your character, and for the teams to give you information.

-We encourage you to take photos of your card(s) after an event before turning them in! If there is an issue, it helps both you and us resolve it in a timely manner.

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