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Online Announcements August 2023

Arrival and Departure Reminder:

Day camp is on premises on Friday. Do not come onto camp before James gives the all-clear around 5:15pm.

Check in begins at 6pm.

Lay on is at 10pm.

Lay off will be early, on Sunday at noon. As such, we are not running a Sunday NPC shift and Sunday content may be very limited. We ask that you are off camp before 1:30pm on Sunday.

The Saturday 12pm mod will include water balloons. Don’t bring anything you don’t mind getting wet.

Saturday Camp Cleanup:

If you are leaving before lay off or want to get your camp cleanup done early, meet Alice at the Inn Kitchen between 6 and 6:30pm on Saturday for a mid-game assignment.

Exalted Reminders:

Please do not make or attempt to put ritual pages into your tome this month. The system is not currently working as intended and is being reworked.

Friendly Rules Reminders:

  • You can only have 1 augment of the same type active at any time unless a skill states you may have more than 1.

  • If you have latent defenses cast on you only 1 of each specific skill can be on you at a time.

  • Please check your consumable recipes some of them have secondary means of activating as defenses if you have talent slots.

  • Worn armor does not automatically repair between fights if you want to keep using armor please get it repaired.

  • Rests require you to stay in the same area for 30mins or have wanderlust. You only regain 10 skills.

  • Movement skills do not require a hold please exit combat with you weapon straight up

  • You cannot be immune to an attack while using the skill intercept.

Gathering System:

There will be a slight change to the gathering system this month while we continue to try and make it a more fun experience for you all. This month we are doing away with the 'rock' collection system and will be simplifying it.

To collect components you must complete 30 seconds of roleplay per component collected up to a total of 30 components per gathering (15 mind of rp). We ask that you roleplay what you're gathering! For example - for floral maybe you're collecting flowers or twigs from a nearby bush. For mineral perhaps you're collecting and breaking open rocks for specific minerals, etc.

We ask that you have fun with it while we work on a more complete system!


Due to Patreon changing their payment processor, there is a chance some payments may be flagged or blocked (they are working on this issue). We will be checking the August payments closely and be in touch if there are any issues. If you notice any issues with your Patreon payment, please contact Mara.

We know many players take photos of their character card before turning it in. This is something we on Card Team encourage--we are only human(oid), and if there are any issues having photos makes it easier to resolve. We want to make sure newer players know this is an option, and completely ok to do!

Even if you stay in a personal tent or off-site, you still need to get the "Cabin Cleanup" on your card signed off! Just let the officer handling camp cleanup know where you stayed and they will handle it for you.

Reminder from Exalted Team: if you have not specifically been reached out to by a member of the exalted team, you are not approved to teach exalted lists/skills. All exalted lists AND skills must be taught by an approved teacher.

Atmosphere Reminders

  • Roleplay your combat and sell your blows. It makes combat more fun for everyone.

  • Please stay in character. If for some reason you need to go out of game, please do so away from other players as to not impact their immersion and gameplay. Please do not interrupt a scene for an OOG comment unless it's necessary.

  • Please do not openly use your phone. We get that there are times when you may need to check the time or check a rule, but please try to do these checks with your phone under a table or away from other players. We have noticed a severe uptick in this with the new exalted rules.

  • Please be mindful of your trash.

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