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Online Announcements January 2024

Hi everyone! Please give this a thorough read through to ensure you're refreshed on policies and expectations, and some requests or news from various teams!

Arrival Reminder:

Earliest Arrival is noon.

Check in begins at 6pm.

Lay on is at 10pm.

Lay off is at 2pm on Sunday.

New player training will be at 7:30pm Friday in the barn!

There will be a Makeup 101 workshop at 9pm Friday in the inn. Look for Jenn & Styxx!

New player tour mod will be at 11am Saturday, someone will be at the inn to come collect you!

Saturday Camp Cleanup:

If you are leaving before lay off or want to get your camp cleanup done early, meet Alice at the Inn Kitchen between 6 and 6:30pm on Saturday for a mid-game assignment.

Gathering System

To collect components you must complete 30 seconds of roleplay per component collected up to a total of 30 components per gathering (15 mind of rp). We ask that you roleplay what you're gathering! For example - for floral maybe you're collecting flowers or twigs from a nearby bush. For mineral perhaps you're collecting and breaking open rocks for specific minerals, etc.

We ask that you have fun with it while we work on a more complete system!

General Reminders

When you have a question, please look on our website and in our rulebook before either posting to the Q&A on Discord or directly messaging Team Leads or Marshals. We appreciate this courtesy and respect for everyone’s boundaries and energy outside of KR.

Personal Abilities Note from Drew

Hey everyone, A little while ago I sent out emails to everyone who submitted for a Personal Ability stating if it was approved, denied, or if we needed additional comments from you so please check your emails and reply-all back if needed. Secondly as a reminder if you have a personal ability that is approved you need to follow the RP Guidelines & have considered how your character would accomplish the Achievements associated with those skills. If you need guidance or help please reach out to anyone on Rules Design for assistance.

If you are approved for an ability you are able to use it this month even if it's not yet on your card. Mara will try to have cards updated but it is week of the event and there is a chance not every card will be fully noted.

Lore Team:

If you have purchased a Lineage, Lair or Vanity title from the banquet and not yet submitted this form yet please consider doing so if you know what you want! If you don't you can wait but I look at them on a rolling basis so I will not seek you out to make sure you submit it!

Exalted Reminders:

We are happy to announce that we have finished the first round of approving players who have legendaries to teach exalted lists! On friday please check your card to see if you are interested in knowing if you can teach. Players with these approvals may teach exalted lists notated in the card note. Some of the notes have exceptions to skills you cannot teach. In most instances these skills require a exalted team member to assist in marshaling. If you have any questions please reach out to an exalted Team Member.

We would like to remind everyone that while using the ritual: Selendrial's Transformation that you may only select a non-exalted ability. This includes exalted passive skills. Certain NPCs card may not specify whether or not a passive skill is exalted, which if the passive skill is not present in the Base Rulebook must be approved by Rules Design.

Specifically, the passive of Werewolf (Lycan Regeneration) is deemed to be Exalted due to the it's similarity to the Exalted Class of the same name. Any other similar passive abilities, such as Troll Regeneration, should also be treated as Exalted.

Players with these rituals may select another non-exalted skill from the monster in question for the remainder of the duration of Selendrial's Transformation. If anyone has questions about this, please PM Tim P.

Additionally, please remember that you need to at least partially match the costuming of the creature you are deriving an ability from.

Atmosphere Reminders

-Roleplay your combat and sell your blows. It makes combat more fun for everyone.

-Please stay in character. If for some reason you need to go out of game, please do so away from other players as to not impact their immersion and gameplay. Please do not interrupt a scene for an OOG comment unless its necessary.

- Please do not openly use your phone. We get that there are times when you may need to check the time or check a rule, but please try to do these checks with your phone under a table or away from other players. We have noticed a severe uptick in this with the new exalted rules.

- Please be mindful of your trash.

Rules Reminders

Friendly rules reminders:

You can only have 1 augment of the same type active at any time unless a skill states you may have more than 1.

If you have latent defenses cast on you only 1 of each specific skill can be on you at a time.

Consumables that are given as a latent require them to be given to you prior to calling as a defense and you can only have 1 of each per latent rules

Please check your consumable recipes some of them have secondary means of activating as defenses if you have talent slots.

Worn armor does not automatically repair between fights if you want to keep using armor please get it repaired.

Rests require you to stay in the same area for 30mins or have wanderlust. You only regain 10 skills.

Movement skills do not require a hold please exit combat with you weapon straight up

You cannot be immune to an attack while using the skill intercept

Safety Reminders

The weather is looking quite wet leading up to the event weekend in conjunction with snow melt so please plan on camp being quite muddy. Be sure to do your best to keep dry and pack extra socks! Remember atmospheric requirements are secondary to protection from the IRL environment, if you have concerns feel free to reach out to either myself or the Atmosphere Team.

If you ever need a Safety Team Member and one is not present, there is always a member on call. Either go to logistics where the on call list is posted and call them on their phone. Or ask any Marshal with access to the Marshal Chat in Discord to check the threaded on call list. Reminder, if you feel someone is having an obvious and serious medical emergency, do not hesitate to call 911 and activate an emergency response.

Card Reminders

Please read your card notes! This is the primary way for our teams to contact you and tell you important things, so be sure to read them every month.

Your character card being approved does NOT mean your backstory has been approved! Lore Team will leave a separate note on your card when they have reviewed and approved your backstory.

We encourage you to take photos of your card(s) after an event before turning them in! If there is an issue, it helps both you and us resolve it in a timely manner.

Remember that all rituals must be noted on a character card, whether your own or the target's (if you cast a ritual upon another character). Use the lined space on the back of the character card. If you use an invokable ritual, you are responsible for crossing it out or otherwise denoting it as used.

Content Reminders

Please check the Discord for casting calls. We would love to give NPC roles to new people and have fresh faces. If you're interested in getting into more combat oriented NPC roles, talk to one of the CR Leads and we can brief you on the best way to get more exposure and coordinate with other teams. We love having different people cast across our plots and it gives the world vibrancy when we don't have one person as multiple characters.

It is our pleasure to announce that we have officially opened up the New Submissions for Personal Plot six months early! We still have a few people to clear from the backlog, but we have already started to pull people from the New Submissions list and we are excited to run these epic tales for you folks. If you submitted an application for a personal plot, stay tuned! Once we clear most of the submissions from this last round for personal plot, we will re-open the application. We thank you for your patience.


Hey everyone! Just a few friendly reminders from your Logistics team.

When you are in line for check-in please remember to be conscious of your volume while inside the actual building. Please continue to talk with your friends and have a good time while you're waiting but also remember that the Logistics marshals checking people in need to be able to communicate effectively with the other players at the desk.

Please remember that you walk in the right door, check in with the marshals and go out the makeup room door on the other side (Please do not go back out the entrance).

There is an expectation of not only the check-in marshals but the players as well to remain courteous when interacting with one another. I know check-in can be a stressful time but lets all remember that we're all people and deserve the same level of respect and kindness that you should show to anyone in public. We're all here to have fun and enjoy the weekend, lets make sure we start it off right!

You may only sign yourself up for NPC shifts. Please do not try and sign up your group of friends. Check-in is first come first serve, please remember you may not get your shift of choice, come with a back up plan just in case your shift is already taken.

Thank you so much for working with us as we settle in for this new year and get back to it!

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