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Rules Advisory for November 2023

Rules Advisory for November 2023!

There will be a few mechanics too look out for, and to be extra clear, I will not be going in depth about them at Opening Ceremonies because I want to get the event started quickly. So please make sure to read and ask any questions ahead of time! For starters, there will be a fungus among us!


This is a disease that infects the host with a fungal growth that will slowly take over their body and turn them into an undead creature.

While infected, the character’s body total cannot be detected by any means, nor are they aware of how injured they are. (ex. Even a severed arm they will not acknowledge and try to act as if its still there.)

When the character drops, they immediately go into the critical stage of their death count. After that has expired, they rise up again, gain 50 Armor and the following ability:

Infectious Rot - Once the character loses all Armor, they explode infecting the nearest living target with spores. The target then becomes infected with Putricordyceptis. This is an auto-hit Disease and may be defended as such.

Every time the character dies in this way, the cycle repeats until the infection is cured.

This cannot be removed through normal Disease cures. Any means that can cure it will trigger Infections Rot.


Any character who is resurrected by another Undead PC will gain the same template as the resurrector. Fallow may raise a PC as any of the templates. Sacred Resurrection is unaffected by this.

Characters with Animate Dead may choose to resurrect a PC as the type of Undead they are, or as a Wraith, Skeleton, or Zombie.

ALL undead raised by Fallow or any undead raised by those who have become undead because of Fallow have the following commands they must follow:

  1. You may not intentionally destroy yourself to free you from undeath.

  2. You must follow any command given by Fallow himself.

Stats for the Undead Templates will be available in logistics and are only to be used this month for any PCs raised as Undead.

Any PCs turned undead *WILL NOT* be undone by plot at the end of the event and will persist beyond November. It is entirely on you how long you remain in this state and how you overcome it.

Setting the Tone and Expectations

We have been memeing pretty nonstop for the last few weeks about Fallow and that is absolutely wonderful. I've loved every bit of it! But I want to encourage that the memeing stops at Lay-on. While it is a light-hearted villain in a sense, like a saturday morning cartoon, there is still very real danger coming and I don't want that to be cut short by an out of place joke. I promise you, the event will be all the more fun if you buy in to the story unfolding, even when it gets a little absurd. My goal is to aim for a little absurdity and a lot of horror.

Secondly, I want to make it very clear from the start, I do not intend to pull punches or drive the plot in any one direction. You can lose, and it can have a very lasting effect. I have planned for these scenarios and they have the chance to be just as fun as winning in their own way. We're telling a story together, I'm just setting the stage!

So please, go in ready to buy in, and have just as much fun winning or losing!

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