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Week In the Life & June Announcements

Earliest Arrival is 2pm on Wednesday.

This is a hard and fast limit. Do not arrive before 2pm. Work to prepare the camp for a double event is underway and you should not be on premises before 2pm. If you arrive early, there are several local coffee shops, restaurants, or parks that you can hang out in. Don’t be on camp before 2pm.

Wednesday Check In runs from 6pm to 10pm. Soft lay on for the week portion is at 6pm, but we understand people will be arriving throughout the weekday event; if you are arriving after soft lay on please be courteous of other people’s engagement in in-game activity, move in quickly and quietly, and do not engage fellow players OOG. Come to logistics when you arrive on camp to get checked in - if James is not present, there will be instructions in logistics for you.

There is no formal lay-on on Wednesday.

The Weekday Event runs from Wednesday to Friday at 2pm, when we have a soft hold. Players may remain in-game between 2pm and 10pm when we hold formal lay-on in the Inn for the Weekend portion of the event.

Lay Off is Sunday at 2pm, and please be EXTRA certain not to leave any belongings onsite this event after lay off! Any abandoned belongings may possibly never be seen again.

Remember! The weekday portion of our event is still in-game, but there are no NPC shifts and no formal mods. Players may choose to consume alcoholic beverages, but we prioritize player safety and anyone who is inebriated to the point of illness or causing issues may face disciplinary consequences. 

Drinking policies are posted on our website under Policies. Please refresh yourself on these if you plan to drink.

  • Only those of the legal age may consume. If you plan to share alcohol with another player, you should have utmost confidence they are of legal age. That can include asking to see their ID - as an alternative, we will have gold wristbands at check in for players to display in lieu of a legal ID with their birthday on it. Anyone who is found drinking underage or providing alcohol to someone underage will face consequences up to removal from property.

  • There are no combat NPCs, but some lessons may be run during the week event. NOBODY may participate in combat within four hours of consuming alcohol or any other inebriating substances. Period.

  • All alcohol must be removed from the property during the soft hold and before 10pm on Friday.

Remember that all portions of the event are in-game and therefore with the exception of moving in or out, cars do not belong in the live play area.

Parking at Logistics

At this time, the only people authorized to park in the area behind or next to logistics are with direct permission from the Director, or the Officers, Safety Lead, Weekend Event Runner, and Exalted Team. Anyone else cannot leave their cars parked in that area.

Please do not park in front of the door/garage door to the area under the barn, or you will be parked in.

Early Camp Cleanup:

If you are leaving before lay off or want to get your camp cleanup done early, meet Alice at the Inn Bar Room between 6 and 6:30pm on Saturday OR at the Inn Porch (or Bar Room if it’s raining) on Friday at 3pm for an assignment.

Community Announcements

Do not forget to donate to our non perishable food drive for the Sparta food pantry! We will be offering 2x regular SP for donations. Monetary donations are always accepted as well! Bins will be in logistics.

Remember that the state of New Jersey is BYOB: Bring your own bag! Many like to do food shopping during the week and with the Shoprite down the road, we can't blame you. Just remember to bring your own reusable bags!

Please be considerate of fridge space. Make sure all your food is together and has your name on it. There is limited fridge space, so plan accordingly!

While drinking and smoking are allowed during the week portion, please remember to consume responsibly.  Make sure to have your ID on you incase you are asked to show proof of age. Remember to Review KR policy when it comes to Drinking on camp!

New player training will be Friday at 7:30pm under the big white tent in the inn. We will be going over common safety while larping. Players are welcome to stay later for a more in-depth lesson on game mechanics. Further more there will be a combat demo/spar afterwards to help new players get a feel for combat!

11am Saturday there will be a first event player tour! Be in the Inn by 10:45am! Someone will come for you.~

Any new players joining us for the week portion, feel free to seek out any community manager with questions!

Cards, Skills, and Patreon:

Week in the Life counts as two separate events for purposes of payment. A tier 3+ Patreon subscription will cover ONE of these events--the player must pay for the other event, including alts, as normal.

As per our website documentation, the weekday portion of the event is ten build. This does not change if the player is a Patreon subscriber. The weekend portion of the event follows standard KR event rules, and is 8 build (or 10/15 if Patreon). 

Week in the Life counts as two events for purposes of learning skills and prerequisites. That means, for example, if a player opens a list during the weekday, they may learn skills from it during the weekend portion. Be sure to mark on your card what section of the event a skill was learned.

Exalted Announcements

As stated, some lessons may occur during the week portion of Week in the Life. If you are scheduled for a lesson then you are expected to show up to your lesson sober. Thank you

Safety Announcements

There will be a number of Safety Marshals present during the week portion of WiTL, there will not be a dedicated on-call marshal, however, contact info will be available at Logistics and pinned on the Marshal Discord for emergencies. Reminder players are expected to have life saving medication (rescue inhaler, epi-pen, etc.) on their person or on camp, but ideally on their person.

Campfires should only be had in designated fire pits, players may also use standalone campfires, stoves, and cooking appliances but are expected to use them properly and responsibly. If there is a burn ban in effect, we will advise if there are any restrictions at the time. 

If you are traveling alone to deeper parts of the camp make sure you let someone know and bring a phone. Be sure to keep hydrated especially if you're drinking and use bug spray as ticks are now in full swing. People are expected to be responsible when consuming alcohol during the week portion of the event, Safety Marshals are not babysitters, if a player becomes inebriated to the point requiring our intervention there will be consequences. Be mindful of yourself and keep an eye on each other. 

We will resume normal team operations for the weekend portion of the event, all contact info can be found in the places listed before.

Logistics Announcements

During the week portion there will be a few Logistics shifts that will handle Bank based transactions. The LM's will be in the inn like either in the side room or at the Scholars table. They will be in character but please feel free to approach them with your needs! Check in will be handled by James.

These are the people you will be looking for. Please remember to be courteous to them while we try something different this year! 

Thursday 12pm-2pm - Reed M. 

Thursday 2pm-4pm - Renee G. 

Thursday 4pm-6pm -Matt E. 

Friday 12pm-2pm - Bri O.

Rules Announcements

The Weekday periods will count as starting:

Thursday @ 2 AM

Thursday @ 10 AM

Thursday @ 2 PM

Thursday @ 8 PM

Friday @ Midnight

Friday @ 10 AM

Friday @ 10 PM will count as both the start of a period, and the start of an event (Refreshing all skills, including per weekend abilities).

Any ability that last for the event will however carry over from the weekday portion to the weekend.

Artifacts copied from replica expire at the end of the period on Sunday. If you modified a Replica Artifact, message Tim with a photo of your card (not at the event) and he will make you a card for the abilities copied from replica.

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