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Online Announcements May 2023

May 2023 Online Announcements

  • Earliest arrival time on Friday will be 12pm.

  • Check In will begin at 6pm on Friday.

  • Opening Announcements and Lay On will be around 10pm Friday at the Inn.

  • Layoff will be called at 2pm on Sunday.

During cleanup on Sunday, please prioritize moving any of your belongings out of the Inn, especially the first floor!

Sleeping Assignments have gone out, so if you have not received an email, reach out!

Camp Advisory

Please be cautious of ticks! Use an appropriately tick-repelling bug spray and check yourself thoroughly after being outdoors!

Food Service

There will be no official dinner tavern service this event. Breakfast will be served on Saturday.

New Player Training

New Player Training will be at 7:15pm Friday Night under the pavilion and there will be a new player tour mod going off at 11:30 am Saturday morning. First event new players should meet at the Inn before hand!

Pre-Game Workshop

There will be a joint workshop from Lore and Atmosphere at 9pm on Friday under the tent on “Freeform Roleplaying”.

Reminders from the Atmosphere Team this month!

-Roleplay your combat and sell your blows. It makes combat more fun for everyone.

-Please stay in character. If for some reason you need to go out of game, please do so away from other players as to not impact their immersion and gameplay. Please do not interrupt a scene for an OOG comment unless its necessary.

- Please do not openly use your phone. We get that there are times when you may need to check the time or check a rule, but please try to do these checks with your phone under a table or away from other players.

- Please be mindful of your trash.

Canned Food Drive

The community Managers will be hosting a canned/nonperishable food drive during WiTL! You can drop off your items throughout the JUNE event into specially marked tubs in logistics. Donations given will be rewarded 1.5x the amount normally given. All the food will be then donated to the Sparta Community Food Pantry! (

With everyone's help we can make the community that hosts our LARP a better place!

Announcement from James on Exalted Lists

Rules Updates for May 2023

Card Lead Office Hours

Card Raptor Mara will holding Office Hours at game during the following hours: 11a-1p Saturday, and possibly Friday before lay-on/during Check In (if you see her around Logistics or the Inn before lay-on, feel free to approach about Cards topics!).

With Exalted Lists starting to come out during June, if you have any pending card issues/questions/etc that you keep forgetting to discuss with her between games, now is your chance! She will have her computer with her to handle all those things she always tells you we can't handle during a live event.

Lore Lead Office Hours

Lucian will be holding Open Office Hours at game during the hours of 10AM to 1PM Sunday outside of Logistics. This is a great time to come talk to him about things like backstories, pending Lairs/Lineages/Novelty titles, unique/restricted races and other such miscellanea! He will have his laptop with him to facilitate looking at write-ups if necessary and having a writeup link ready to go over is encouraged but not necessary! Additionally if you see him outside of Logistics at any other time with his laptop there can be impromptu discussion as he's likely just doing work for the game then anyways!

Reminder from Kitchen Lead

Please do not use kitchen sign off as a NPC shift unless you have spoken with James, Drew, Alice or Rob. Reach out to Rob (or the Officers or James) with any questions about what might qualify someone to use bar service or food service in lieu of an NPC or Marshal shift.

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